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I recently started dreading my mohawk and was just wondering how you would get them to stand up good?

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Depends on how long the dreads are. I would think that you would need something pretty strong though, either a really strong gel, like Got2B, or some Knox.
hm that a good question.. i think if your dreads are pretty thick itd be really hard to spike them because of weight.. ive never tried it.. and im letting my hair dread itself lately with some help of teasing a little bit. but i think if your dreads are thinner than average itd be easier to spike. good luck though!! spray the shit out of them lol
i think you might need knox because got2beglued is more for like loose hair not dreaded....The way people talk about how strong knox is id guess its really strong
try using hairspray and a hair dryer for the tips and spiker gel for the base to give it support :)
I wouldn't, period...putting junk in it's going to mess up your dreads, and if that doesn't do it, trying to wash it out will.
There is the typical answer Knox gelatin and got2be products, but I am going to suggest something that may or may not work. Pipe cleaners. In elementary school I dressed up as Pipi Longstockings and put pipe cleaners in my braids so that they would be crazy like hers. Maybe something similar would work with out the damage and gunk buildup that sticky gooey hair products will leave in the dreads foreverrrr.


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