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how would you sleep with your hair like this? (picture)

I mean, without mushing it or anything?

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Standing up.
like the graceful and elusive cow...


Also the horse.

all bovine


But really, I have no idea.

my guess is sleep in a chair with your head forward. Or on your face.
Wouldn't you suffocate if you slept on your face? D:

Aww. :c

RIP Kitty.

Yeah, I did it all the time, mexican.

Nice look and boots. haha  And them graceful horses are equines. what are camels?  idk.


I don't think you could sleep normally without messing that up.  Just would have to redo it the next morning.

Here, just get a wig like this:


Shit, she could kill someone with that choker. D:


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