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Aright, by coming to site, i've made my decision to chop if my hair and get a MOHAWK. but. I need help trying to rock my hawk. What brand of hairspray/gel/hair glue works best?

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U just use rave 4 on my hair then go over it with a watered down elmers glue. Unless im going to a big day long event like warped tour, then ill spring for got2be. When im just hanging around like everyday ill back comb it but at warped and stuff ill put it into spikes, they hold better for longer hair
I use something called Professional. Yeah, just "Professional" actually works super, super well for me; all I have to do is tip my head over, spray, blow dry a little, then maybe fix a problem spot or two when I've flipped my head back over. I'm surprised at how well it works, considering my hair is really thick and heavy. I dunno how much it costs, though, since I've only ever gotten it as a gift. Also, I style my hawk kind of thick and fluffy, so if you want the pin-straight, completely flat hawk look I don't know how well this technique would work. Other than "not very well".
At the moment the best ive found is putting it up with got2be and solidifying elmers glue. im trying some other sprays, if you interested ill tell you how each one works.
i use "freeze-it" hairspray .i have used it for many years on small hawk and on my 2.5 footer it works really well and is humidity proof,i spray it on and blow dry it bent upside down until it forms then keep sparaying and blowdrying til it stays in place.i have never used anything thats as great as that
I get my hair a little wet, then towl dry it so that it's poofs up into the air. Then I spike it in little sections with got2b hairspray and a blowdryer, starting from the front, only doing the base of the mohawk. When I'm all the way through, I spray the top of it with a little more hairspray, using my fingers to make it how I want it, thin and fan-like. Then I blowdry it again, with one last short blast of spray through the whole thing.

Basically the same thing with spikes, just doing one spike at a time, except I usually hold the rest of my hair back with some long elastic thing I don't know the name of.
if your hair is only like 4-5 inches long the best thing i found to use is the cheapest bar of soap u can find i get 3 bars for like 20p works perfect been using it for 7 years or so for doing spikes set rock hard just dont go out in the rain with it not fun walking round with soap in ya eyes.
you're never going to get one answer to that question. and from what i've found just about anything from costly spiking glue to konx to teasing it and using cheap hairspray all work. Try some different ways and see what works best for you/ your hair/ and what you want it to look like. Spend a day or 2 or 20 playing with different products and methods.


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