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From viewing these forums I've gathered that most of you use the styling technique of holding up your hair with a comb then spraying it with hairspray. I'm new to the technique and it's not really working for me. The problems I'm having are: that when I comb my hair up, half of it falls out of the comb and no matter what I do, the middle of my hair just falls over and attempts to curl.

I know it's not a question of length - my hair's only about 4 or 5 inches long.


Can anyone give me any tips or advice on what might be happening and how I can actually get my hair up now?

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Get a comb with longer teeth, and wash your hair with shampoo and no conditioner prior to fanning. For best results use Neutrogena Anti-resiDue formula or Aquanet, they get all the grease/oil out of your hair so the spray sticks better
You can tease the base and spray it before actually spiking anything up, then you comb/brush it upwards then spray again on the outside.

I do the method that seems to be failing you but blowdrying the hairspray like RIGHT after I apply it anywhere. Then when I'm done at least getting it up, I spray the whole thing, then spray the tips and use my hands to sort of straighten it out while the hairspray's wet, that's it.

I use got2b freeze spray by the way...

and I use a shit ton.


Also I couldn't help but laugh at the title of this thread >.>

Me too lol.
well if your hairs that short just use gel, its probably better than hairspray at that length. just use your hands to go from the sides of your hair and put them together, and slide up. thats what i did wen mine was that short. Got2b is best.
I tried using some gel earlier and it spikes up, but it kinda falls into natural liberty spikes when I'm trying to achieve a fan.
I assumed this was a boner discussion. Try rubbing it vigorously with guacamole.
I know I shouldn't be, but I'm really tempted to try this.

This tittle did give ill intentions.


To answer your question. I have the same problems but, my hawk is over a foot so when i comb it up half of it falls. To help with that i only comb it half way up spray it set it in place and make sure that can stand up straight by its self. Then use the comb and comb up the second half  and spray it and stuff it should work better. I also leave my tips for last  cause i find with them i can cover gaps   and make it look better. I also blow dry the hairspray as soon as i spray it and make sure not to leave any thing neglected. I just use shit cheap hair spray so i use tons of it. 

comb your hair bakc entirely before spiking, then just scratch your hawk to do a lame form of backcombing this kind of tangles the hair a little bit while still not backcombing because that is a bitch to comb out. then pick up a small peice. hairspray the b'jesus out of the base abd mid section of your hair DONT DO THE TIPS JUST YET. then comb out the back of the peice you just spiked to make it feathered so you can blend in the next section you spike. then just pick up the next section and intergrate it in with the first and repeat this untill you are done the full thing. Then just make the tips all spiky and you're good to go.


thats what i do with my 13" trihawk and it hasn't failed me yet!


:) good luck with ur 'hawk endeavours.

Thanks guys! I sort of mixed everyone's advice a bit and it's worked great!

I didn't condition my hair (Steve)

I did some lame backcombing (Mark)

I combed it in segments (Chastity'sCunt)

And applied Got2Be spray with immediate blow dryer. (Cakes on a Plane)



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