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Hello fellow mohawk lovers,

I just started rocking a mohawk since 2 or 3 months, and I started from scratch. I estimate it about 5cm now (2 inches). Sadly I have quite curly hair, and straightening helps, but not enough because it starts to curl at the tips. :c

Another problem is that I have to ride my bike 10km to school, and in all sorts of weather (I live in The Netherlands), and especially now winter is coming. I've seen people being able to wear hat wear and their hair just pops back up when they take it of, but I don't know how. 

So I was kinda hoping some of you guys or gals could help me out with this.

Have a nice day and rock on!

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I'll post pictures as soon as I made them, hopefully I have time for that this week.

I live in Canada and was also wondering what to do in do you wear a hat or toque with a Hawk? Or you just don't?

Well Thomas, curly hair is a bit of a problem.....just requires more time at it basically.....have you tried a flat iron? There are some straightening shampoos and serums, but the flat iron is really the best. You can also opt for the messy hawk look as well, it might be less work for ya. 

Can you put some more pics up of some closer shots so I can see your Hawk better....might have some more tips for ya then.

I am still waiting for someone to tell me how to wear a toque or hat in winter without it messing up my Hawk!

I also use the Ear Grips ear warmers......have for about 12 years now. They are the best thing ever invented! Just watch as there are some companies out there making copies of these and they aren't that good....try to find the "EarGrips" brand name such as the blue ones in the Pic that Jae posted here cause they are the Best. 

Thanks, I hope they sell it here, I'll definitely look for it! 


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