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Not sure if I shared this story yet. I got approached by MTV executives to do "True Life-I'm a satanist". I told them I would respectfully decline, but to come back when they did 'True Life - I'm an asshole jackass.' So who knows, yall might be seeing me on your television screen.

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I need to get TiVo
Haha, fucking MTV. They need to revive Wonder Showzen, only time I've ever watched anything on it. Most fucked up yet fantastic parady of kids show. Lil' Dead Pope was my hero...standing in front of church asking catholics things like if he was going to hell for dressing like the pope's rotting corpse and yelling into a megaphone. Twas a beautiful thing...
Hahah,thats awesome. I wish MTV executives approached me sometime :'(
Me 2! lol
ROFLMAO....I Am a complete KLUTZ. No doubt
Stunt actress?


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