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I gotta cut my faded green mohawk today. It'll be the shortest my hair's been in years.

I just got laid off recently and I live in the bible belt of America so not too many employers are gonna look at me with a mohawk and a good upstanding citizen. Even if some of the cops do.

So after flying my freak flag for the weekend in honor of it, I'm gonna shower the hairglue out and pull out the clippers. I may cry the whole time I'm doing it. My hair grows quick though. Still not a happy thought though.

...Right now I'm stalling. I may keep stalling after the shower.

So sad.

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RIP :(
Indeed. I'm still stalling.
strip the color and do a comb over, don't cut it :(
:( This is a dark day :(
1. It's too late. My awesome friends came by and cut it for me. Now I look like NeoNazi Edward Norton. Minus the tattoo and the hate for black people and jews. And with glasses. And no goatee.

2. It wouldn't have worked. My sides were too short and my 'hawk itself was at that strange in-between length where it's too long to comb over, but not long enough to part. And I've been wondering what I'd look like without any kind of long hair for a while now. It's really strange. But everyone seems to think I look tougher and/or more of a badass. My friend said I'd look pretty badass if I bulked up, but I can't. I've tried. I'm just doomed to be a skinny fuck for a while.

Anyway, it's done. It hurts. But I still have a little bit of a green racing stripe left from it, so I'm gonna let it grow another week and shave it again to get all the color out. I didn't realize how wide my hawk was until it wasn't there. I also didn't realize how much I loved it... 'til it was gone.

And Morris, you're right, this is a rather dark day in my hair's history.
American History X
Yeah, my dad found me a job where he's at and I'm almost cursing myself for having cut it now 'cuz I would've had no reason to in the first place. Oh well, I guess I'll start my 'hawk fresh now. I'll shave it at about an inch or two when it gets there
Thank you, I may need it lol.
Update: Got it back! :D And I dyed it purple too! It's tiny though One day it will fly high again.
LUCKY!!! You've already grown yours back!!!
Kinda. It's a tiny midget hawk. It's got a long way to go before it reaches it's former glory though.


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