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For anyone who hates them, and who hasn't read my topic in the "anti-nazi" group, light this guy up.;

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yeah probably hahaha that's ok though just understand i don't attack people's opinions as long as they are civil, if they aren't they will receive the same courtesy that they have shown me.
its just humanism man, separation of the evil deed from the evil doer. there is still a potentially good person beneath it. the question is whether or not they can be reformed or if they're worth the time. i think thats what Brian is getting at.
Yeah, i posted this in kind of a hurry (and actually spent time on my other one.... which everyone seemed to ignore XD). You don't need to be sorry for pointing out something that makes sense, for I beleive in judging groups and their individuals differently, as you do. One thing that really put how I feel in perspective was a man, explaining his outlook to his friends. "I hate all of you," he said, gesturing with his arm to indicate the entire populuse(SP AHHH!) of the world. "But I like you and you," he said, pointing at his friends. I think that this is a very clear explanation to those who can comprehend what it means. Others just think I'm hipocritical for saying I hate everyone, but still having friends. So fuck those guys.


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