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For anyone who hates them, and who hasn't read my topic in the "anti-nazi" group, light this guy up.;

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ok, two words... DOUBLE STANDARD!!!
Leave your comments in this thread. Creating more posts won't help the matter.
You know what? Fuck raicism. There is no entire ethnic group that has been all good or all bad.

You wanna find something to hate? Hate religions. There is not one major religion that has not shed blood in the name of their "god." Like Christians and their "love one another?" Bullshit. That's one of the most bloody religions ever to exist. I'm not saying there's no good christians out there but fuck me. If you're going to hate a whole mass of people in their entirety, find one that you have good cause to hate and something they chose.

Hate people who judge you by the look you have and not your actions.
Hate people that tell you what to believe.
Hate people who show up on your street corners, in front of the supermarket, and even your front door.
Hate people that tell you you have to do things a certain way and live a certain way or you're going to hell.

But do not hate someone for something that they had no choice in.

If they're not directly harming or harassing you or your loved ones, why waste your time?
oh my god! exactly!
Well I'm glad that these recent posts show that this subject is, and always will be, an important discussion. Congrats and keep up the positive attitudes!

BTW: Love the name Tank Grrl ;)

That's funny.

Me too!
bigots like you are whats wrong with this world lol

Racists are just like any other group jockeying for position in an already shitty society that respects nothing, you're just joining the competition.
You realize that he was just trying to put his own opinions and viewpoints out there (in a very diplomatic way too) and you two not only put him down in a very personal way but childishly called him names!?

If we're all voicing our opinions in an inappropriate and childish matter, please allow me to jump the bandwagon and just say "If you can't fucking allow anyone to have an opinion more graciously spoken or that differs from yours, grow the fuck up or get the fuck out, you miserable cocksuckers."
do yourself a favor and read the other thread lol he totally started it and i believe in retaliation, he just doesn't like it when others belittle him when he does it so freely to others lol

granted he does have an opinion, i don't have a problem with that, but when you insult my intelligence by calling me names and you react when the same is done to you then you have no right to throw a fit lol

i like to play with people and he performed magnificently
differences i don't mind, just when people insult my intelligence while doing so i have a problem with. i wasn't serious when i attacked you personally, just wanted to see how you'd react and in true fashion you can't handle your own medicine. You got mad.

you're not stupid for having an opinion, as a matter of fact i respect your opinion although i disagree. its not what you say but how you say it that pisses me off. my ideals aren't contradictory just difficult. maybe you misunderstand where i'm coming from? i'd be happy to explain things better as long as things stay civil.

If you can't do that then you aren't worth speaking to.
"But teacher, he started it first!"

Listen to yourself kid. I'm not saying that in a taunting way. I'm asking you to really look at what you're saying.

You sound completely asinine.


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