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caught in the car door. I always yell.


any other awkward or painful things happen with yours's hawks?

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Putting your hawk up with barsoap is quite painful.
I tend to get mine caught on tree branches.
I'm 6' 4'' and have never got it caught in anything. I have it up quite frequently.
Nha, my hawk is prett coordinated
Used to get it stuck in places, after having it a while (and keeping it the same length) I know where it is
i am a kid i always sit down at school people walk behind me and hit the back then i have these idiots that think its cool to run up and smack it as hard as they can
smack em back!
me and my bf both got mohawks so i got poked in the eye with his when drunk
trees, low bar things, peoples eyes, car door and it brushes the roof :/ messing my hair up blahh

Wet. It looks stupid and watery hairspray gets in my eyes. Grr :(

I also hate when people mess around with it the day I put it up, it won't last as well then!

...gets stuck in a train door. it happened to me the other day. i noticed it when i couldn't headbang anymore....  i really couldn't do anything but laugh about it till the next stop. and branches suck.


but i DO love it when it gets caught in the wind like a sail. it just feels awesome!!!




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