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I'm a masive fan of Crass and the Exploited to bands that should never ever play together, so i just want to know who is a fan of crass and general opinions as to wether PUNK IS DEAD!?


to me punk isn't dead but it's certainly got worse


there are still punx around from 20 and 30 years a go

so it's not dead to me!

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Haha, well, if everything that becomes mainstream dies that means everything is dead. Maybe you're right :)
And I agree, rather five good ones than 45807345908 assholes.
soo true and i agree
Ox that's a strong point
i'm good friends with the crust punks now and a couple of the rancid cardiff punks
stud outside a gig for stiff little fingers not too long a go and said to em"yo nice hawk i seen you round town and shit what music you into"
and we just got taslking and he introduced me too some of his friends and stuff
i didn't get a punch in the face i did get a lot of bullying well friendly-bullying if you can call it that lol
then why are you here? :P
Haha, really. Wow.

Well where I live punks are still politically active. I think the biggest difference between 2010 and 1980 is that peopel have started accepting the same poltiical views as punks. If thats a bad thing there's something seriously wrong with you. And punks not dead, thats contradictive. Why are you punk then?
man i love you! hahaha nothing real shit to say!
Punk is dead, and if it wasn't you'd be the last to know.
its not dead to me and certainly not dead to most..i guess punkrocking just isnt as popular as it was 30 years ago etcc...i mean look at the emos their very popular but give it a few years and that culture will shrink down alot just like punkrock culture has


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