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Very fail. I bought some gel (Got2B Ultra Glued) and attempted to hawkify myself. Well.. I don't think it came out well. :\ It was very separated and falling in the front. Any tips? I feel like I used too much gel, and I've heard people using hair spray + a blowing dryer only. How do you put up your hawk?

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Hey need to be using Got2B Freezing Spray....

I am copying my common answer below for how to get a fan to has helped a few people out in the past, so try it and let me know how it worked for you. 

Try using Got2B Freezing Spray.....start with washed, dry hair.....then take a comb and starting at the front or back, doesn't really matter.....lift one side of the Hawk with the comb and spray it with freezing spray, mostly at the roots. Then lift it up with the comb and out. Do the same on the other side so it starts to stand up a bit. Now do it again, bit of spray, and then lift it up and out with the comb, then hold it there with the comb, and take a blow dryer and just give it a bit heat to "lock" the freezing spray into place. Switch to the other side and do the same again. Get your whole Hawk up like this and then redo any small gaps you might have till you get it right, now take some extra hold hair spray, like a #5, and spray it all over your Hawk and take your hands and just fine tune the tips and such. It takes practice, but you will get onto it. Hawks are funny....some days they just go up so nicely with hardly any problems, and the next time you fuss with them for twice as long as usual, and never do get it quite the way you want it. You will find that on the second day when you wake up with your Hawk, take a wide spaced comb or roller brush, and just lightly go thru your hawk with them, and respray it with hairspray, that it usually will look best after that on the second day. You can generally go up to three days with a Hawk before you need to wash it out. I have gone up to five days, but it usually will start to itch on the fourth day. Anyway, try this and let me know how it works for ya! :-) There is also a product called RK Super Hold, and this will hold your Hawk up thru almost fact, you need to use an adhesive remover to be able to wash it out....but we will discuss that after you have tried this method. Good Luck! 

Well. My method is to mess up my hair a bit, then tip my head upside down and put an assload of samy's curl control musse in it. while still upside down I mold it into the shape i want then blow dry it while adding more musse till I know it will defy gravity. its the lazy broke method and only works if the back of your mohawk is fairly short. Theres likely better answers out there but this is mine. Hope you find the right method for you.

Step 1: Back comb hair like that of dreading

Step 2: When its the way you like spray some normal hairspray I suggest Rave 4x, on the roots NOT allot just a lil and bow dry on low

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