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alright, so i've wanted a mohawk for a very long time now. i've held it off for a while, but now i'm gonna go for it. i was gonna do it without telling my mom, but i decided i'd tell her so she knows what to expect. i'm not gonna ask for her permission, i mean it's my hair. i do what i want with it. alright, so what i was thinking is that i would spike my hair first, and then shave the sides. it seems like i'd screw up less that way. what do you guys think? any suggestions, hints, tips or anything else on how i could make my mohawk turn out kick ass would be awesome. thanks. (:

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i got it done at sports clips the first time and get friends to shave the sides for me now. I don't recomend doing it yourself cuz you'll probably mess it up, but if you are a braver being than I, at least get a trusted friend to do it. I'd hate to see you on here in a couple of days saying its all fucked up.

oh and put it up with hair spray instead of gel. it looks less segmented that way and doesn't fall.
Welcome to the wonderful wold of a 'hawk. :D As said before, try to avoid gel. I do use it a lot, and it makes my hair look clumpy and crusty, :/ not fun. Hairspray is the best; I use Aquanet, strong holding haha.
YAY! Yeah get it cut professionally the first time, don't let them do their own thing like they did with mine - specify exactly what you want!  And yeah, use hairspray like got2b freeze spray and a hairdryer to get it up.  Have a search around on here too, there's tons of stuff on different methods

It's a bitch to spike if the sides arent super short/shaved. I would not recommend spiking it and then cutting it because you will probably end up spiking hair into the mohawk that doesn't belong there. Then the hawk will be all uneven and crooked.

What I would do would be to go to a pro and get it cut..atleast the first time. He/She will make sure the hawk is even and straight :D

Good luck with your mohawk though!!!!

i tried going to a pro twice and they royally fucked it up both times. D: i have turned to just using a rat tail comb and rubber bands to section off what i want to keep and then getting rid of the rest with the razor. best of luck to you!


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