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Hey, new to MR, and having a Mohawk in general. although I suppose mine is a 'chelseahawk'. I just got it a month or two ago, but ive always loved them, and wanted one since I was 13. anywho, the problem. I can get it to stand up pretty well (some days it wants to be a butt and fall apart, but for the most part its fine) the only problem is GAPS. its getting to be a huge pet peeve of mine. I see pictures of perfect mohawks that are thick and you cant see through them at all. the top of mine, usually ends up okay. but the farther towards the back, the more gappy it gets. ive tried everything. all different ways to put it up. combing it out. trying to cover the gaps. nothing works. its not bad to the point I cant rock the hawk in public. its more of a personal, when I look at it, I feel the need to try to fix it constantly. <-- this is the best picture I could find of how I want it to look.

This is the spikes, and they fall apart really easy, and get gappy pretty bad.









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For spikes I find using Elmers glue and a hair dryer works best, if you dilute it with a bit of warm water I usually put my hand in the water then get a it of glue on my fingers start from the roots and slowly pull the glue to the tip hold it straight  and blow dry it then once i'm sure its dry and standing hair spray it and then blow dry again, I use this to fan my hawk as well doing it by sections sometimes I get gaps but ill take a comb about half way up and gently pull and then hold it in place where I want the hair and hairspray it then blow dry it quickly to get the gap filled. Also some times if you give the tips a bit of a twist they won't flare out

okay thanks :) ill try that next time I put it up.

To get it to look like the photo you linked you need to tease it. This makes its fluffy and fills the gaps. Having it pushed keep from getting gaps.

okay, thanks:)

If you want it to look like the picture take a fine tooth come and tease the crap out of your hair (special attention to the roots) then use a flexi hold hair spray. With this less is more. You might want to consider getting a stylist to razor your hair and take some of the weight out, thats what I do and it gives my hair wonderful texture and keeps it light enough to put up at any length. 

Also, a lot of people like got2be freeze spray for a more rigid hold.

For the fan style mohawk, after washing your hair, let it get to the point of 2/3 dry, then take a small amount of hand lotion, I am currently using Gold Bond Ultimate moisturizing skin therapy lotion, and distribute it between your palms, then run your hands thru your Hawk to distribute it...(thanks vicvic). Then I take some hair paste, with a #4 or #5 hold, and rub that between your palms and distribute thru your hawk as well, moving your fingers up and out from the roots of your hawk. So now you will have your hawk like half up so to speak. Now take Got2b Freezing Spray and spray the back of your hawk with a good coating. Then take a coarse comb and comb it to the center and up to create the hawk. Get the back decent looking, then spray the top of your hawk with Got2b Freezing Spray and do the same as the back. Keep combing and spraying as it dries and gets standing up the way you like. As it dries, the combing will stand it up better and better. Once you get it it perfect or close to it, take a can of hairspray with a #5 or #6 hold, and spray the entire hawk with a good coating to "lock" it in place. You can touch and spots up at this time before everything dries. One thing, once it has dries completely, if you run a comb thru it after it is dry, you will get lots of wax flakes on the comb and your hair, so don't touch it with a comb or brush after it is dry. Even as you get it to the finishing stages while you are putting it up, you will get some wax buildup on your comb. This is normal.

If you want to leave the hawk wide from front to back instead of pushing it up all into the middle, then use a hair pick after spraying on the Freezing Spray and push the pick in thru the side at the roots and pull it up and out and a bit out to the sides all at the same time to widen out the hawk and stand it up at the same time. For the back, run the hair pick up thru the hawk starting at the bottom at your neck and move it up and out as you go up in sections. This makes it like a fluffy hawk.

Let me know how this works for ya! :-)

So far, this is what I have found to work, but would certainly like to hear everyone else's methods as well. 


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