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How do I make a poof with my bangs and still rock my mohawk?  I've seen it with Fauxhawks but I want to do it with what I've got. My sides are really short but my Mohawk is starting to grow out. Suggestions? 

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Hmm, I am not very sure. How wide your hair is, that is an important factor.

I''d assume teasing, but maybe I am just not understanding..
What do you mean by wide? The width of the crown? Hmmm, about 3-4 inches. I had a straight up Mohawk but started growing it out so the crown is getting wider.  I think you're right... I do need to tease it but how do I get it to poof? Bobby pins? I'll try to find a pix and post it
Looks like they have alot of thick hair. Teasing adds volume, so perhaps that will work.. But at longer heights it is more like a deathawk.. .you know what, just don't mind me.
LOL I'm going to play around with it and definitely tease my hair.  I'll see how it works out. Thanks :)
I pull the top back either with an elastic or a couple bobby pins, and spray to create a kind of. . . shell on top, but the hair under it is still mostly soft/unsprayed and fluffy. hth!
i do this sometimes, it's just teasing and hairspray, then you can pin it into place with a bobby pin if you want. you do it the same way you would if you had a regular haircut.
Tease comb into place hairspray and bobby pin I've done this sooo many times I can do it with my eyes closed lol


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