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Lately my mohawk has gotten too long to put up for school, so I want to find some new things to do with it. Does anyone have any ideas? It's about 7 inches at this point.

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Well, ha ha, I know what you mean, I just came to ask the same question, only more specifically I am looking for ways of styling it that would be somewhat professional.

Mine is 20.3cm (8") tall and I know of four different ways that I have done.


The Unicorn:  This one came about because my hair is too damn thick and heavy for it to stand all that well in a straight up fan.  One day, after hvaing it up, it very very quickly began to fall, and I can't stand having hair touch my forehead, so I just wrapped the hair on the top of my head in a uh, hair, thing, and it resulted in something like this so I decided to try and style it that way on purpose and it worked pretty well.  However, that uh, doesn't help with the not going up for school, but the other 3 will (one of which I do not have a picture for).



I Am Not Lazy, Just Busy as Hell: This one came out when uh, I was running late for class, my hair was frizzed the fuck out like crazy and looking rough, so I just grabbed two hair ties for the front and two for the back and pretty much just tied it all up on the way to class.  Now, there's probably something you can do based on this but that looks a lot better.  One other way I found of doing this is instead of having the hair back go down and the hair top go forward, you have all the hair to back and the hair top goes in one hair tie close to the transition from top to back and then the back all goes in another.




Mockery of the Bed Head:  Just, add hair gel to your hair while it is damp and work it down to the roots, then basically just kind of fluff it up with your fingers to create the volume and brush it with your fingers to get it going all in the same general direction.




The fFrAeUnXch Braid:  Basically just one massive Faux "French" braid for the entire mohawk from front to back.

probably get it tremed? if not, spike it up and yet the front drip down a bit so it touches your forehead?

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There are some of the pics of different styles that I found from all over this site. I am sure there are many more, but this is what i have anyhow.

What Ashley suggests!

Keep the sides tight and slick the top for school/day looks.  Might trim a portion of the front edge so you get some side drop-away, kinda hanging floppy in front as an element of the look.  Firm gel will hold it all down all day.



I feel your pain, mines about 24 in. at the moment.. I'll flip it to the side, or, my personal favorite, I french braid it all the way down.. I've even got some of the administration to compliment me on my Mohawk/braid..


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