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Hi im thinking of getting a mohawk, which i have wanted for years but my girlfriend at time kept changin my mind but now im not with here im more set on getting it.

im just not sure what style of mohawk i want n which would suit me

could you help me find the best one for me, also would you say do it myself 1st time or get a pro to do it?

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Well just find a sytle you like and go for it its all about experimenting. for getting the actual cutting done, even though im into the while spirit of DIY, i would say go to a professional, because if you screw it up, then the mohawk will be screwed up for a long time. any questions hit me up on my profile
Personally, I wouldn't let my significant other tell me other wise. (Of course he was upset when I shaved mine off, but thats a different story)

Hesitance isn't the best first step, but I have been there. When it is right for you, you know it.

If you love love love love it and have to have one, I say go DIY, but maybe get a friend to help, and surf the site a bit more. You will learn oodles and oodles of new things, tips, sprays, fans, ect.

Good luck!


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