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Silly game. The rules are you name the song you're currently listening to and finish with in my pants. The results are usually worth a laugh. So:

Sleep now in the fire in my pants. (RATM)

Now you...

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Bloodrush in my pants.
Live Inside my pants! I took out in, but that fits better!
Shes Expensive in my pants. Tee hee!
Baby I Dont Wanna Makeout I Just Want to Circle Pit in my pants - Crucial Unit
Dicky rush in my pants.
ghost town in my pants -the specials
burger baby in my pants -gravy train
panic switch in my pants -silversun pickups
hallowed be thy name in my pants - iron maiden/cradle of filth
ultimate devotion in my pants - strung out
girl on lsd in my pants- tom petty
You're so gay in my pants
Fallen leaves in my pants - Billy Talent
Last caress in my pants - Misfits
R.A.M.O.N.E.S in my pants - Ramones
moron majority in my pants(the subhumans)
xD Oh my.

Surrender in my pants. ;D
I like it spooky in my pants.


Watch It Crash, in my pants xD ahh streetlight manifesto :D

Fuck The System in my pants


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