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Ok i know theres already a discussion on this but what i want to know about is the piercing process. Im planning on getting one and i already have one side with a normal cartilidge piercing (around the right part that could be an industrial) but is the needle for one bigger then a normal piercing size?
would this mean i need to have go through the already pierced side too?

If anyone has one could they please tell me how theirs was done. Thanks :D

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Industrials are done witha 14g needle. Depending on the piercer you will either have to captive bead rings or an industrial bar as the initial jewelry. I recommend the two hoop because they put less stress on the new piercing and lower the chance of keliods. Depending on the anotomy of your ear you may have to get it repierced for proper playment. Healing can be up to a year, but some heal very fast, mine did. Youll have to clean it with either a diluted anti-bacterial soap or sea Salt water. Never put a anti-bacterial gel on it. Swelling usually last for about a week, not to bad. The 2nd piercing hurts more than the first, but its pretty awsome.

After your piercing is healed and if it has some scar tissue or keliods, it looks like a bump and is hard to the touch either buy some Vitiamin E oil and message it into the tissue or you can get some chamolmile tea bags brew them and put the tea bags onto the tissue.

Its a pretty awsome piercing and i love mine, Good Luck
Oh ok awesome, thanks. Thats one motherfucking big looking needle :S do you know the size of a normal needle that you would use for a lobe piercing?
Lobe piercings at tatttoo/piercing shop are usually 14g or 16g, lobe piercing wit the dreaded piercing gun of death is 20g or 18g. Honestly 14g doesnt make much of difference from 16g they both just feel like needles being jamed through your body.
Haha yeah good point, thanks :D
Yep i had mine done with the industrial bar and it failed and wasted 25 quid
sooo hoops is the safer option,
mine had become inbeded into the ear and i thought the ear was gunna 'swallow' the bar, i took it back to the peircingshop and it turned out that my peircer had actually used the wrong sized bar because he thought he was just re-peircing in different places, ect....

but i took it out and left it out, i am planning a conch to tragus vertical industrial on my right and a cartilidge to conch custom peircing on my left

i have never seen the vertical conch industrial piercing done before so it should be interesting as to how it turns out.... should be fun :)
Im skeptical now as ive found out id need a completly new piercing when i was hoping i could get it through the one side ive already pierced.
Ive never heard of a vertical before, i googled them and thats pretty awesome! good luck :)


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