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 Any fellow insomniacs get a lot of stuff done during those nights that you just cant sleep. That's when I usually cut my hair or make my jackets. Anyone else do this? If so post a picture of what you've done

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I'm usually too tired to get anything done on nights that I can't sleep..

I hate being an insomniac...

I'm not an actual insomniac, as I've heard that they just have trouble getting to sleep no matter what, I have no trouble, I'm  just a night person and prefer to stay up, but I often find myself wasting time on the internet instead of getting any of the things done I intend to haha like right now when I should be making CDs for people's christmas gifts I'm just dicking around on the internets as usual

There seems to be a real trend around insomnia, I know a fair few people who claim to have insomnia and it kinda fucks me off because more often than not people claim to be insomniacs when the truth is they just stayed up late on facebook & had to get up early (like the everyone else) and to sound cool they label themself an insomniac. most of these people are metalheads & I reckon it's just an image thing. not only is it annoying and attention seeking but it might also be a little insulting to genuine insomniacs who suffer a great deal and probably don't think there's anything cool about it.

 This is not directed at anyone I just saw the discussion title and it's a interest of mine, here is my view.

i agree with this. i cant really say i am or was because it doesnt happen any more. but for a good 3 months straight last year i couldnt never sleep more then an hour a night and it really does fuck with your mind. but one day it just went away. 

so glad it did cause it was not fun, i didnt even like telling anyone i couldnt sleep much at all. people just knew i was awake almost all the time cause they could call me at any time of the day or night and id be awake.

it was really touch because i couldnt tell if what was going on was a dream or not. 

so yeah, not cool at all. 

i get healthy sleep now lol

Not sure I'm an insomniac (sure as hell cant sleep worth a damn!), but its when I get drunk. Then I take 3 tabs of benadryl and 1 8mg of melatonin. If that doesn't knock me out it sure is a fun ride! 


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