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Ok so everyone has always wondered what it would be like to have megga long hair then get a hawk , I know I have but just don't want to wait that long for my hair to grow again , thats when it dawned on me , why not buy some cheap ass hair extensions lay them out into a perfect fan , spray the shit out of them with my fave hair product , part my hawk down the middle and insert the hair extension fan , put my hawk back together and smother with my fav product :) instant Megga Hawk , so should I give it a go and post the results ?

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would be fucking sweet, they probably sell them at hot topic these days...
half the fun is in getting it up, i use cider egg whites and tiny bit of hair spray easy party hawk
awh.. well you could still make one, you know, for your lazy days.
yeah i suppose so :) i might have a go at making one myself :)
i was thinking about it, but wigs, phew. they're expensive these days.
some ladies shave the sides to the skin as well ;)
how hard can it be to get platinum blonde hair extensions from an ebay shop that has them advertised , bloody near impossible , my first set they sent me arrived the other day and to my suprise there bloody jet black , I know platinum blonde and jet black look oh so close it was an easy mistake to make " NOT " it's going to be interesting to see what colour they send me next :(
good luck man you could always leave em in bleach for a bit
you should be able to get extensions at almost any beauty supply store.. might be easier then playing the guessing game with ebay. and like ox said, try bleaching the black ones if you didnt send them back!


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