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Anyone here ever seen your picture on the internet somewhere else?!? If so, how does it feel?

I've seen some familiar faces on facebook pages, pinterest, etc. all glorifying y'alls beautiful mohawks or really cool style. 

Its cool but it kinda weirds me out, cause I'm like "hey, I know that person... I've talked to that person a few times before... I wonder how they'd feel about this." or "I too have totally looked through all of their pictures with envy". 

Do you guys get weirded out? I don't know what its like... the only time I've ever been cool enough to make it on the internet was on a tumblr called "Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber". Which isn't that cool, I may look like a lesbian but I definitely don't look like Justin Bieber >:[

My friends sent my picture in as a joke... and they told me they were going to submit it so it wasn't too much of a surprise. It just got really weird when people at bars would recognize me from that tumblr page, I'm like oh yeah... "My friends sent that in as a joke blah blah blah I'm straight" and they were like "PSH yeah right! you're on lesbians who look like Justin Bieber!" 

meh *Shrugs*

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Wow, that really sucks man. I myself have never been cool enough or have had friends dickish enough to have my picture featured anywhere so I can't really comment on that but the idea of having people assume your something because they saw your picture on a site saying you were is really really depressing...

Oh wow I'm pleasantly surprised by this kind of response. You actually care more about my feelings than most people, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. ^_^
But really, I do appreciate it. Not many people I know in real life treat me with as much respect... which is also depressing. 

Anyway yeah, I mean it's happened before I even got on that site... I guess I'm used to it (still kind of annoying but what can you do when it happens all the time?)

I've had a couple of women refuse to believe my sexuality and still come on very strongly at me, even after I've politely denied them. Some have even met my boyfriend and they'll say in front of the both of us "Still not buyin it, he's totally a cover up!" like its adorable instead of incredibly disrespectful. 

A few years ago I had some guy "out me" as an Asexual because I refused to sleep with him... he did it at some bar in front of a group of people who then proceeded to make fun of me. 

My life is awesome.

I don't know what to really think.....using someones picture without their permission seems wrong, especially if they are using it for say a slander-like purpose...for example, posting it out there saying "this person with a mohawk is gay" or something like this as it doesn't give that person any ability to defend themselves.....not that they should have to in the first place. On the other hand, this being the Internet, I guess the other argument would be that if you post a picture on the Web, you know it can be used by others. It all comes back to that age old thing called "respect" which we hope others have towards us and we have towards others. Not everyone out there like Mohawks, and that is fine, so hopefully they respect our decision to proudly sport one, and we respect their decision not to.

Can't we all just get along?? :-) 

Boogle, I have some trouble around here with someone spreading lies about me and I know it sucks but even then I'd still think of your feelings. That's just the way I am.

Dan, I wish it was like that but some people just refuse to see other peoples differences as their own personal choices and instead make fun of them for it. I guess I don't explain myself to well but hopefully you can see what I'm saying.

I'm not cool enough to have the luxury :'(


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