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Is it Better to be a Good person for the wrong reasons, or a Bad person for the good reasons?

Pretty much as the title says,

So my friend came up with this question whether if it is better to be a good person for the wrong reasons, or a bad person for the good reasons?


I just want to hear what your opinion on this is, maybe this entire question just doesnt make any goddamn sense. 

But See what I believe is that there is no such thing as a person for just the wrong reasons or a Bad person just for the good reasons. It cant be just that fucking simple. What I think is that we are both, and that with the knowledge to determine whether shit that comes around in daily lives or from peoples actions is what defines our motives and morales, Making everyone just the middle man.


Fuck I dont know it probably doesnt make any sense, what do you guys think? What is better? To be that person to do good for the wrong reasons, or to be the bad person for the good reasons? Dont take it as Super hero shit or a goodie 2 shoe type deal, ahh what the fuck, you know what interpret it however u want. Just food for thought

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I definitely think that it's better to be a bad person for the good reasons! but again, ofc it depends!
Thats true, i mean if you think about it what is truly a bad person right? For example if someone has to sacrifice an amount of people but in turn to save everyones lives then the person wouldnt really be a bad person anymore right? Cause its all part of their intention to do good but they are just seen as bad. Maybe thats the only true good person, to do bad things and to ruin their own name and image but in turn to do good for the better.
well its the persons own point of view I guess,
Something can only be perceived as "good" if its socially acceptable and supported by the community. No matter what your reasons for doing something, if everybody else looks at you as "good," then your good. That being being said, good for wrong reasons

like steve said, its only good if its socially acceptable, which i fucking hate it for that, bc im alot different than most of society, and people are usually afraid of what they dont understand


that being said, ah i dont care anyways

You both make very good points


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