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Man, I can't tell if I like all the attention or not. I have the largest mohawk in my school and it's by far the best. I'm trying to think of people who haven't felt it. I know I didn't do it for the attention, I just felt like doing something crazy, doing something different. So far only a few people don't like it, but they're people I don't care about anyways. So let's talk about why you got your Mohawks?

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there are many different ways of looking at it, sure you could get a mohawk for the attention, personally i got mine cuz i think mohawks are the shit and i like being different, even if you didnt get your mohawk for attention some douche will always say that you did, but as i said, many ways to look at it

I hate haters lol, but i just got mine b/c i wanted to do something different, everyone has buzzed heads or long hair so it just became a thing for me once i started growing it out.
I just always liked Mohawks. I got mine for me and no one else, it makes me feel pretty ^.^
Mine makes me feel pretty too, most guys cant see how but they dont matter :)
Damn right they don't!
Yeah I believe anything you do to yourself you do it for yourself and noone else. you like it, do it!

I just got it for shits and giggles about 8 years ago. I'm trying to grow my hair out because I'm growing increasingly tired of the attention! 

I think saying "for the attention" may turn people off the subject, maybe say.... FOR THE GLORY!

i got my mohawk as an artistic statement of my individualism, to do something different and create a peice of art, as i consider it. 
I did it, 'cause it's awesome, and an awesome person should have an awesome hair style.

i just remember seeing a guy with one when i was 5 in 1995. i thought it was the coolest thing ever!  and well i didnt get mine til this year cause i always had long hair, but had shaved it off two years before. well while growing it back i was tired of that so just wanted to do something different as well. said fuck it and got me one. made me feel like a new person. really let me see who will avoid you just cause of a hair style. 


didnt do it for attention, but now that i have it. id say yes! haha naah jk

just don't want to fit in society.

i'm the most hardcore punk at my school and nobody messes with me or looks at is

and my parents hate it so i love it :p

we all gunna fit in society just for the simple fact that we all need food and water hahaha..but yeah i know waja mean ian


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