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Man, I can't tell if I like all the attention or not. I have the largest mohawk in my school and it's by far the best. I'm trying to think of people who haven't felt it. I know I didn't do it for the attention, I just felt like doing something crazy, doing something different. So far only a few people don't like it, but they're people I don't care about anyways. So let's talk about why you got your Mohawks?

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I did it cause i was just tired of having the same old hair for my whole life. I decided like u i wanted to have a haircut i actually could take pride in and to do something slightly out of character and wild. I never did it for attention or to get popularity. 


well, my neurologist was talking about doing surgery on my head, and that put the idea in head. (no surgery, at least, not yet, btw! (:  ) and after stewing on it and not being able to let go of the idea, I just said fuck it and did it. I did it for myself because I wanted to. The attention is just a bonus. I love me. In fact, I biced it for the first time this week and when I looked in the mirror the exact thought that ran through my head "man, I wanna clone me so I can fuck me!" LOL!  I turn me on. ^_^
i did cus it was different and nobody else could rock it so why the hell not right? but it wasnt for the attention

i got mine just to get one i just told my aunt to cut my hair off and she did haha

i dunno i dont like using it for attention i got it because i wanted it you know?

My only comment is gratz on getting away with it in school lol most of my younger mates had to shave theirs off for skewl, might just be a UK thing tho.
attention is ok but i usually wear and talk a certain way for my own attention..i like to look in the mirror. :)
shit i got mine for the sake of being different, everything is so fuckin mainstream in my school its not even funny

I originally shaved off my hair over 8 years ago when i wasnt even 10 yet because my mother told me that if i wore a skirt to my sisters wedding i could get any hair cut i wanted and its a family thing that made me strive for my mohawk i have. I grew up in a poor family who's traditions where a split of German and Russian trying to get by in the U.S. and the music i was influenced by really helped. I grew up listening to Punk music along with German industrial along with some russian folk music. But i got mine for me because of the bond of my families morals and the traditions we've held onto since my mum had a good childhood growing up in L.A. where punk bands thrived amazingly in her days. But it wasnt for attention.


its pretty weird though since i am the only person in my school with a mohawk, on top of that im female and when put up properly instead of 5'3" im 5'11"

I got mine not too long ago. I had been going on and off thinking I should get one and then I'd switch wanting long hair. I was hanging out with my friend who got a mohawk and we were talking about it and he offered to shave my head. I hadn't done anything like it before, so I was scared, but then I allowed him to shave one side. Then he begged me to shave the other side and I let him. So, then he gave me a fan  and I thought it looked so amazing, so I kept it. Despite the fact I live in suburbia. I went to school with my eight inch mohawk fan for the first time yesterday, and I don't think I could have uttered any more idle threats under my breath XD

I always thought mohawks, spikey hair, bright hair etc was cool as a kid. 

I'd see a guy on the street with a mohawk or see some punks on tv and thought it was the coolest thing ever. 


I remember in elementary school some of the girls making fun of me on the playground because i told them that i wanted a blue mohawk, a leather jacket, and a nose ring. :]



so i guess my answer is... its just been something ive always been attracted to. 


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