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I mean I see a whole load of "hippy punks" all soft and "lets join hands and sing josssanana" and still claiming to be original punk. and shit like that. 

um wasn't that the whole concept of punk, like fuck society and "anti-authoritarianism, a DIY ethic, non-conformity, direct action and not selling out. Other notable trends in punk politics include nihilism, anarchism, socialism, anti-militarism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-nationalism, anti-homophobia, environmentalism, vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights." 

like "fuck what you think."

and yet here i find a shit load of people begging for answers on questions like "should i do this...?" "would this suit me..?" it is like listening to a woman ask if her ass looks big in a pair of jeans. I DONT GIVE A FUCK. if YOU WANT IT WHY CARE WHAT ANY ONE ELSE THINKS?!

sorry but it is a rant I know. 

but oppinions?

and yeah send me hate for this i really dont care.

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Its because the internet has grown to where everyone has access to it now, which exposes people to new ideas and beliefs.

Downside is it seems to make people more docile, which is probably why your average basement dweller can come off as an information kiosk, yet is 34 and lives with mommy

NO its not just you. Its society as well. 20 years ago, blue hair meant you would DEFINITELY have someone try to kick your ass on the way home. A mohawk was a FUCKING COMMITMENT.

In the Internet Age, there is hardly any anonimity in real life. So you cant get away with as much (but dont worry fellow wierdos) There is still MUCH you can do outside the boundaries!

:D you ledgend and that is what I was in one way trying to put across.
(This one's still very hard)
fuck everyone, get drunk, cheers...
This is just set up for fights and trollin' 8]
not realllly. tbh.
people are going soft these days, but the way what i see it fuck everyone who hates, fuck everyone who loves it take a stand and be your own individual fuckin human being don't follow the governments plans to make everyone in the country to look the same. Viva La Anarchy!
I just miss those days when things were like the movie warriors there really was this badass time when like fucking everybody was punk or a dirty rocker ,,this is back in 83 I was 7 and amazed
='(. i wasn't around then.
have you ever saw the movie warriors? if not check it out and thats basically how people really dressed back then vests chains mohawks&other out there hair dues torn clothes make up, up until about 87 and thats when shit took a turn punks started to get called freaks and everything&anyone that wasn't considered ''normal'' was cast out and then the uprising came in the 90's with my generation X lol we got tired of the restrictions,rules,cops,stolen freedom genX SAID FUCK THAT,WE CAN DRESS HOW WE WANT DO WHAT WE WANT FUCK YA RULES,,and so thats how we kinda saved the rockers and punks way of life,,lol,look it up we where the most rebellious generation to date,lol,,thats enough history for today class


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