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I mean I see a whole load of "hippy punks" all soft and "lets join hands and sing josssanana" and still claiming to be original punk. and shit like that. 

um wasn't that the whole concept of punk, like fuck society and "anti-authoritarianism, a DIY ethic, non-conformity, direct action and not selling out. Other notable trends in punk politics include nihilism, anarchism, socialism, anti-militarism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-nationalism, anti-homophobia, environmentalism, vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights." 

like "fuck what you think."

and yet here i find a shit load of people begging for answers on questions like "should i do this...?" "would this suit me..?" it is like listening to a woman ask if her ass looks big in a pair of jeans. I DONT GIVE A FUCK. if YOU WANT IT WHY CARE WHAT ANY ONE ELSE THINKS?!

sorry but it is a rant I know. 

but oppinions?

and yeah send me hate for this i really dont care.

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you have a point, but i mean just saying thats where it all started, and it kinda is a wee bit annying when people claim to be part of the original punk and yet they are asking people to tell them what to do ya know?


never said that. and im not just talking about "OUR" generation. there are older generations of punk out there. that still exist, i mean it wasn't that long ago that it started, my mother belonged to the originals my dad did too,.. and by original i generally mean the original IDEALS of PUNK.
no one is part of the "original punk" for fucks sakes its NOT NINETEEN SEVENTY SEVEN ANYMORE . And why does it have to be one straight line down the middle of the road?
i think its just u these hippy punks as u call em aint punks they dirty hippys but punk is more then just havin certain veiws its about doin wat ever the fuck u want if i wana ask sum1 if my face looks better doin this XD or this XP i fuckin will ! who gives a fuck bout them fuckin hippys man fuck em n lets get shitfaced xxx

XD is probably cooler


I'm not a hippy punk. tahh.

never sed u was love i just sed these too words hippy n punk dont work ur either a punch or a dirty hippy not u personaly but evry1 

bit touchy tho aint ya XP


vry touchy at times. im on edge at the mo so my furs standing up and one word gone wrong makes me bark up a tree for hours. sorry, 


of course punks are going soft. Why, when having a mohawk is such a trendy and fashionable accessory, how could you resist the urge to shave your head and buy a denim vest? After all, isn't THAT what punk is about? Spikes and the latest Warped Tour compilation CD? And social media sites designed to get all these fashionistas together to discuss the best way to put up your mohawk without it falling over after its been in a crash helmet? Don't get me wrong, I tried talking to my friends about the impending and cataclysmic world war that will end us all, but they just wanted know what happened on Survivor last night. And maybe those punks in 1977 had it right, by being anti everything, but that's like saying the dinosaurs had it right by being big. They were what they were, and then they died, and the world evolved. So let's evolve, yeah? I'd rather be soft living in a world of peace than hard living in a world of war. And if I want to be soft and put spikes into my jacket, so be it.
actually I think hippy and punk are natural combinations since both are very rebellious and anti-establishment. When I think of punk going soft, i normally think of the attitude that you were describing with the huge worry about what others think of you or of non-punks adopting the style and claiming to adopt the philosophy but really not changing a thing except their clothing

I like turtles




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