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Are you tired of everyone complain about "the fake punks" "the posers" "the plastic punks".
It seem to be punk you need to spend hour apon hours reading history and band bios befor you can buy a shirt for a band on a cd you bro gave you.

I sick of all of you people that rant saying there in it for the style. You claim being punk is about a individuality yet when some one doesn't fit your definition of a "real" punk.
Its always on some level been about the cloths else they wouldn't have worn bondage and swastikas for shock value. they would have just made music.

And since you seem to think "punk" is knowing all about the movement, ands and scene then would the first "punk" never have been punk at all, the were no bands for him/her to idolize and memorize no movement to remember. It was about the shows, the cloths and having a good fucking time.

Now all you elitist fucks shut up, and leave the poser alone. If you must punch his teeth out in a pit.

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Punk was a movement to piss people off, it was a fashion for an amount of time, yes. but at this point in time, i wouldn't exactly call it just fashion.
punk is about being yourself, and having fun, weather that be going to a show, throwing bottles throe windows or going to school. but the idea behind punk is having YOUR fun, YOUR way.
it has grown to have a say, to be political, and to have a stance. have a reason for living.

you can say its just a bunch of people who's daddy's didn't hug them, but you can also say that about murders, rapist and fuck any group of people. i dont know if people would consider me a punk per-say, but ill be willing to say my parents loved me and supported me. i hate society, not my parents.

punk also steamed a whole type of music, i didn't know style or fashion could do that. Some punks are people who had rough child hoods. other punks are people who had fine child hoods but different beliefs.

i would NEVER consider everyone iv seen out there who has blue hair a punk, or who has a vest with spikes in it a punk. i know more then enough punks who have got crew cuts and wear blue jeans and running shoes, it has nothing to do with the way you dress but who you are and what you belive in and what your willing to do about it.

as for on topic, iv never liked the elitist punks, as jello biafra would say "nazi punks fuck off".as long as they support the scene and are not complete douch-bags, ill be happy to stand beside them.
"Ironic that when everyone decided to be "themselves" they all looked like each other."
i dont know where your from, but i live in one of the largest cities in Canada, and i can say i dont look like each other. this si the same argument as "if everyone is different, doesn't that make them the same"? it makes sense. it all depends on how you look at it.

once again, where did i say that? i said part of being a punk is having a reason for living. if that reason is saving animals, fighting authority, making music, traveling it dosn't matter. not living to be a punk.

"So.... Punk is about being yourself, and expressing yourself?
That is called being a fucking human, being a god damn individual, you don't need to fucking categorize yourself as a fucking punk to be unique, it's counter god damn productive."

once again... missing the point. a punk is someone who expresses ones self without the views of society to bother them, without the say of others changing there thoughts. something a LARGE population of the world cant do. 'political correctness' is a perfect example. im not labeling anyone, im saying a lot of punks i see are like this. but i also see a lot of hippies like this, and a lot of Rappers and R n B singers. YOUR the one labeling someone.

Punk is just another fucking group of kids, who want to feel part of something, but at the same time don't wanna feel like they're following a trend, that is the golden hypocrisy that draws people to punk.
so the 25 year olds, 30 years olds, 40 year olds, 50 year olds. there a bunch of kids who want to feel a part of something? im not saying there aren't kids who dont want to feel part of something, i actually never said that anywhere. ya large part of the punk community are kids who are lost and looking for some kind of guidance. but what about the older punks? iv been to numerous shows, and met numerous people who are over the age of 30 and i would consider punk. not exacly kids are they? this leads into my next point.

Kid who goes to protests, drinks, goes to local shoes, thinks for himself is a kid, give him a mo hawk, some ripped jeans or plaid pants, and he's a punk. Punk is a fashion boyo.
once again, not sure where your from, but when i go to a local show, and there's 15 people in the venue, i dont think the average kid goes to local shoes. and like i said if you missed it
i would NEVER consider everyone iv seen out there who has blue hair a punk, or who has a vest with spikes in it a punk. i know more then enough punks who have got crew cuts and wear blue jeans and running shoes

you missed the whole topic i talked about. you keep going back to the way people dress and saying this is what makes them that. im saying punk is all in your head. it has nothing to do with the way you dress. what you believe in and what your willing to fight for
"are you willing to die for what you believe in or just dye your hair?"

"it has grown to have a say, to be political, and to have a stance. have a reason for living."
The only thing political about punk was squatters rights, and MAYBE censorship.

excuse me? so your telling me they didn't help with the strengthening of woman's rights? better drug laws? and helped with control of police? they also helped get more younger people to vote. censorship is only a small fraction of what punk rock has done. the music does little. the music informs the people and they do something about it.
1. your making a point that punks look a like. im making a point that punk has nothing to do with the way you look. blue Mohawk and a studded jacket or blue jeans and running shoes. it all depends on what you believe in and do for that belief.

2.i never said i wasn't human...? im saying being a punk is not considering the social norm OR taking the input of society to decide on who you should be or what you should do. ONCE AGAIN something very few people can do. you go to a girl on the street and tell her she looks fat, shes gonna care, believe it or not she will. you go to a guy on the street and tell him he looks like a tool, chances are hes going to care. now mass produce that in the media and you have yourself the younger generation of society REALLY caring what others think of them.
iv got three sister, all of which spend 45 minutes a day on go to work. and im positive a large amount of girls do that. one sister worked in the 'body shop' she had to have 4 types of face makeup on at all times in the store, why? because the people cared what there costumers thought of the employees.(and 'the body shops' main theme is having your inner beauty and showing it, just a little bit of a double standard. )

3.i did. once again you missed what I said. you said kid, i showed people who are 30,40,50 year olds aren't kids. but also 30,40,50 year olds who have a life and a family who are still very much into the scene and the culture. it doesn't matter what age they got into it as. the fact is that there still in it and still going strong.

4.sorry i miss read i thought you said "kids" as categorizing a whole group of people by age and then saying they all do this and that.
-and i said i wouldn't just sit there and consider someone with a blue mohawk and a studded jacket punk, why? because i rarely categorize people, yet alone define them by there looks. for all i know the guy is into country music and blue grass. how is that hypocritical at all?

5. then i highly feel sorry for you and i suggest you go and look shit up. punk did a HUGE amount of womans rights. it was one of (if not) the first genre to give debt where debt is due to woman in the band and the woman BEHIND the bands. hell most popular music groups at the time didn't even have woman at the time, and if they did they were being used to sell records. punk changed that and gave a lot of woman the power. they also fought sexisim on the front lines. once again bands didn't go out and do this, the preeched it and others went out and made it so. the music doesn't change anything, its the people listening to the music who change thing. BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL HUFFING i dont know what you mean by this, but if you want maxim time for minimum crime go right ahead, but dont bring that shit here. punk has pushed a lot of younger people to vote. it was anti government, but at the same time, its the youth who have the numbers,and the way people say "if the youth are pissed, if they all vote on one thing, they can fucking run this country" .

and i would consider you a punk yes. you may hate me for it, but i would. unless you of course tell me not to consider you a punk. like i said, i have a friends who dont listen to punk, and i find are more punk then most kids i talk to at shows. they travel and play blue grass music, they have crew cuts and running shoes. they where plaid button up shirts and listen to old crow medicine show (wagon wheel is forever rammed into my head, but i love them for it). once agian has nothing to do with the way you dress. fuck look at dead kennedys(you do like jello do you not?) i saw jello biafra and the Guantanamo school of medicine, none of them where in ripped jeans, they weren't kids, fuck jello didn't even like it when people came on stage. i still consider each of them punk as fuck.

and the picture being painted may seem being an inderviduale, but that's a large part of being a punk. there aren't many inderviduales out there now, like i said 15 kids at a local show, or 300 kids in a local club listening to top 40 music wearing the same hats, saying the same things trying to do the same thing. there is very little individuality left in this world.
this will be one of the last time i reply since i grow tiresome of this convo.

because you dont believe it did anything, doesn't mean it didn't. like i said it did a LARGE amount for woman. x-ray specs, the slits- FUCKING BLONDIE, all of these where fronted by a female who got the attention they deserved adn the credit was due, your REALLY telling me a bunch of teenage girls dident take hint and fight for that within the next few years? you gotta be kidding me if you dont believe that. my aunt was a first generation punk form Montreal, and shes also one of the most pro-feminism woman iv ever met, and she and her friends all owe it due to punk(her words not mine, conversations like this happen a shitload in a house with 3 sisters). i never associated punk with woman's rights, i associated it with the woman who fought for woman's rights. punk did a HUGE amount of woman's rights. NOT punk gave woman rights.

and if you still dont understand the point im making about punk being an individualize, then im sorry there's not much ways else i can put it then i already have.

and its not hypercritical at all. you see it so because yous see punk as a fashion. its the same way as i wouldn't say if i saw someone with baggy pants i wouldn't think there raper. or if i saw someone wearing eye liners i wouldn't think there goth. both work, i dont jump to conclusions, im making a point by saying i dont judge people by the way they look, you talking about ripped jeans and such, im saying none of that matters, and by looking at them, i wouldn't call them a punk, i wouldn't call them anything for that matter, it was simply a point to point out how stereotypical your making punks, and the punk fashion(which i never said there wasn't fashion to co-inside with the mind set) out to be.
You both fucking fail.
after reading the ensuing argument, i'm wondering why anyone even responded to this shit.
(i mean, putting aside all grammatical errors)

people will always fall under some stereotype or another. whether they're doing it for the music, the mentality, the fashion, yadda yadda.
"Punk was a bunch of fucker who were too lazy to learn to play the guitar good, sniffing glue, squatting and looking for shock value because daddy never hugged them."
brother, you just described all "counter cultures"
what have hipsters accomplished? hippies? skinheads? yuppies?
punk isn't the only movement about being yourself. every movement to ever rock the planet was instigated so that people felt like they could connect with at least one other person.

brother, you weren't looking for a debate, you were looking for a fight. go troll some where else
In some bloods???
Asleeps, were you asleep.
I had another screen name which was a Metalocalypse reference. + I was just being a jirk : )
I am tired of the judging (negatively) people on perception rather than from their actual character and dealings.

IMO, I'd worry about getting to know someone, not on what they like similar tastes or looks they have, but on how they are with others.

Good, honourable, reliable character over asthetics any day - you can have the asthetics to go with those, they aren't mutually exclusive. And if someone doesn't uphold their honour, it's a clear sign to everyone that they'll let anyone down too - eventually.

Also, in my view, you can try to fit an image really well, but if you haven't got a worthy character to back it up, you end up not being worth much to yourself or others.
I don't know if this really realates to the topic, but I felt like posting something somewhere since I just joined....

I got called a "House Punk" from some lame 'traveller', just because I got myself a shit job and moved out of my parents. I've gone travelling out and about, this 'traveller' and I had a lot of the same views on things and music, etc. But he disses me because I live in my own fucking apartment!! Where the hell did this label of being a House Punk come from??


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