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Is it possible to have a mohawk and a high paid job?

I have an OK job, pays well, but lookin for change. BUT i wanna keep hawk - its gotta be about 4inch so not too long but i definately wanna grow it more. Any ideas what job I could go for? I live in UK near London. If any help I was offered gay porn a while back when my hawk was about 8inch - but they are still waiting for my answer! (he wasnt my type) LOL

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they have people with mohawks doing porn? I'd like to see that!


I've seen a few but dont think there are many. Maybe I should have said 'yes' - i could be onto a winner!

hahah it would be fucking hot! 

I've only seen Rob Rotten do hawk porn.... and he was a real fucken douche!

I was about to mention Rob Rotten.  xD

Personally, who cares how actors are IRL, so long as they put on a good performance on screen.  ಠ_ಠ

Not that I watch porn or anything, HAH Hah haaaah....

Rob Rotten has the word 'poison' tattooed on his cock hahhh

Riigghhhttttt Jae! :-)

What field are you trying to get into?

I work in shipping at the mo.


I work for Greenpeace. What do you want to get into though? Do you want to stay in shipping?

like what echo's saying, it depends on the career you wanna get in to, and the company. idk about the UK, but in the US most factory jobs or somthing shouldnt care..if you mean shipping as in packaging and sending, cause honestly my first reaction was COOL HE BUILDS SHIPS!!! but im retarded sooo...but yeah, its likely theyll hire you but youll be asked to keep the hawk down,  and maybe wear a hat (some jobs just require hats for some reason). but as far as suggestions go i got nothin. good luck!

lol i was about to ask the same thing. i worked at ups and they would let me wear it up...although waking up at 2am i never wanted to spike it just for work. 

but um im not sure if you can get awesome paying job if its dealing with customers face to face. factory jobs though wont care 


Admittedly, the higher up the corporate ranks I move (read: the jobs I get that pay me more than my last gig) tend to be more professional.  It also depends on the place: some places, even if you aren't client facing, want you to still look business professional, others don't care at all as long as you do your job and do it well.

The place I bought a wig from told me that surprisingly enough, she's starting to sell wigs more and more to males that want to rock the 'hawk, yet maintain professionalism in the workplace.  Always an option...


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