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I have decided that i'm going to widen my hawk. I'm tired of gaps, my hair demands perfection. I'm not a perfectionist to heart, but this is one thing that is simply driving me up the wall. I want that glossy, zero gap fan.
So. as i know, as i grow it out, it may look funny, and/or odd, but i'm willing to deal with it, hey i'll just look like those African Wild asses for awhile, you know, with the short white on the outsides of their mane, and a tall black strip in the middle. oh. well. it'll take some getting used to.

Any thoughts on widening, or the pluses of 2 1/2, 3+, inch wide hawks?

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im in the process right now actually.
this is the difference in about 6 months:

i jsut got my barber to cut about half an inch on each side, and now i can spike the sides and they dont look half bad, i can also jsut comb it into my Mohawk if i want.
The first one looks kinda funny... no offense.
lolz. but the second. kickass.
That's what i use brah. comb. hairspray. blow-dryer. that's it. It works most of the time, but when i have those bad days, or when I'm in a rush, shit always happens. It drives me up the wall when my hair is fucked.
Honestly I think you'd be almost better starting all over. I want to widen mine a bit, but I don't think it'll ever be properly integrated into the main hawk.

Hawks don't last forever anyway, all the bleach, dye and all the shit you need to keep it up really fuck your hair, it'll do it good to start fresh.
ah, noo!! I'm trying to grow it out some more!! I need to get my hands on some prenatal vitamins.


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