Mohawks Rock

Fuck the US.

Canada has:

Free healthcare
Attractive, charming men with manners
And they're all very polite, lovely people.

England comes in at a very close second, but I'm moving to Canada. Lol

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I had no idea it was weird to have milk in bags ._.'

and half of us Canadians don't even realize we say eh. Or at least I don't :D
and for that matter I don't know anyone who says about aboot.

You also forgot to mention our wicked sweet self defense polar bears. They come free with every new home
canada is sweet. Where do you wanna move though

montreal is awesome. large poutine large slice of pizza and a pop 5$ no tax...gotta love that
canada is the shit. period.
all polite except for the border police, i my dad a made a wrong turn on the higway today and ended up going over the bridge to canada (because detroit is right across the river) but i didnt have any form of identifacation and when the booth operator was asking for our licence number i went to go hop out and check and she pulled a gun on me and told me to get back in the car. i almost started laughing though when she said "i didnt tell you to get oot"
canada is bombass
i love livin here especially in BC
Canadians do so say Aboot!!!!!!

You just have to catch them unawares to hear it. It's more "a-boat" than "a-boot" though, I think.

Your crazy, crazy lady.
True enough, It just makes me laugh because people say we have an accent. I guess unless your talking to someone of the same nationality everyone will have an accent.
it rly depends where in canada you go
its more in the p.e.i and nova scotia and newbrunswick n shite
in bc and alberta and saskatchewan ppl sound like hicks almost
we DO have free healthcare, which seems pretty good. but as for the people: there are still tons of assholes. especially in toronto.
Ugh, I learned that when I went down for a few concerts. Driving was insane :p In London people are sorta nice and let you in and shit. well sometimes, but it was insane there
Our home and native land!


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