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does anyone ever have any trouble finding a job and being discrimanated because of you have a mohawk?

i myself am looking for a job and could careless what people think of it but i know it may prevent from being taken seriously. although i can wear my mohawk in many different ways because of how wide it is and it doesn't even look like my sides are shaved, i want to make it a bit thinner but was curious how people have reacted in a workplace with people especially girls with mohawks.

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 I did know a guy who worked in another department from me who decided to hack up his hair into a mohawk.. I don't think anybody cared so much because basically everybody already knew him, and he doesnt work with the public as much.. but regardless..


 Then again, quite a few other people have tattoos/peircings, and they don't hide them.


 Alot of outfits have a anti-discrimination policy in place. In alot of ways this gives you leverage. It's just now a matter of how the customers treat you. If you apply for a private sector, it's probably a diffrent story.

 Overall, just present yourself the best honest way you can. If they don't choose you, it's probably not going to be just because of your haircut.


very true

thank you :)
i just act as professionally as possible because employers sometimes expect you to act like an idiot just because of your hair. Just don't fall into that trap...I do that sometimes because I think they'll treat me different so I act stand-offish...I've found it's better to just pretend like your hair isn't an issue at all. Because it really shouldn't be.

Most employers won't outright say "I don't like your hair so I'm not going to hire you!" Instead they nit-pick other things, "I see you got a -C in art class in 8th grade, thats really not what we're looking for here at The Krusty Krab"

i tend to go to work with hawk down to the side, i work in a shopping centre in a jewellers. my boss doesnt care about it but customers do get a bit funny about it. ive had a few complaints about tattoos, piercings and my hair but i just get on with it. just carry on with your job like everyone else, that freaks people out more haha

There was a post on here awhile back about this and certain places like Target and Subway seemed to be pro-mohawk places to work.  I, myself, am a computer programmer, so unless I'm out on a sales pitch for the company, especially to some conservative client, I can do my hair however.
hey what about Bi-Lo? or any other grocery stores, granted i live in summerville south carolina so its mostly country boys rednecks, blue collar folk and un educated black people(not racist) lol
I think it depends on were u live cos i live in puerto rico and people here are ignorant to the degree that they think just cos u have a mohawk ur goin to mug them and this is the mayority of the populance so wen it comes to work related issues with mohawks , dyed hair ,tatoos , piercings well lets just say not even Burger king will hire you soo i think it depends were u live n how liberal/conservative the mayority of the population is

Working at Apple makes it quite a bit easier to have a mohawk. We have that whole "celebrating the individual" thing going on. My 'hawk is a bit more conservative (shorter) than those I see here, so I'm sure that makes a difference to some extent, too. It is dyed blue, though, matching my shirt, so I am certainly not the picture of a 'hawk-sporting bow-tie daddy. It really started out as sort of a joke for my boss.

Many of our team members, including one particular manager, wear a faux-hawk. Chris and I have a very good relationship. Normally in the time since he's been in the store I've been wearing my APPLE legacy logo ball cap except for the past few weeks. Since we were approaching Memorial Day and my now traditional summer buzz cut (which he wasn't aware of) my hair has been pretty long. The non-cap revelation of my very full head of hair had brought him to comment several times that he's waiting for me to join that faux-hawk group. Taking advantage of his not knowing of my plans to shear it all off, I told him I'd go one better and do a full Mohawk, which of course he didn't believe. I've had to shush some team members when they asked when I would be cutting my hair in general, as they've been around long enough to know that I do that. The night prior to all-store early morning meeting I got clippin'. Needless to say I caused quite the "buzz" when I walked in. Every manager in the store loved it, including our Market Leader who's responsible for 4 stores. "What fun!" was her comment.

What has surprised me is the overwhelmingly positive response I've gotten wherever I go. Just sitting at break in the mall I had some guy in about a $900 suit and $600 shoes walk by and comment that he "loves the cut". My regular customers love it. New to me customers have been very open and positive about it. Out in public I've had men and women of every age make very positive comments to me, including guys shopping with their wife at the supermarket just coming up to comment "Great haircut, man." Last night at Kohl's the little cutie at the check out... first words out of her mouth were "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!

So, for me, in the month I've had it, it has been a totally POSITIVE outcome.


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