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Ok, so I need a job. My mohawk isn't really that long, but any length more than about an inch is considered "crazy" where I live. As many of you have guessed, I'm having a hard time finding a job, especially ones where I must be in front of people such as cashier or even shelf stocker (not even Wal-Mart would take me.) So where are some places that a guy like me can get a job? PS: NOT WORKING AT HOT TOPIC.

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Yeah the real world sucks ay. Music shops might be good, or in warehouse type places where your 'out of sight', sometimes people get lucky in food outlets or pubs too. You'll probably have to start from shit and work yourself up from there..
Yea, I figured that, but the only places I can think of right now is Spencers gift shop and maybe some skate shops like Vans.
You could just wear it to the side, or tied back or something....
Yea, I do, but it's usually spiked. I spike it up on monday, and don't take it down till the weekend.
bottom line: your not gonna get one unless u cut it buddy, the governments fucked up cuz of obama and unemployments at its highest, ur gonna have to sacrifice the hawk to find ajob, sorry to break it to yea but its TRUE.
the govt sucked WAY before obama was anywhere near old enough to even run for prez
that's not true i've been working since i was 16, my first job was papa johns worked there for 2yrs until i was shift leader,wore pop up mohawk under my hat, worked 3rd shift stocking shelves at wall hell they let me rock the hawk both of those places we're in Tulsa,OK moved to indiana i have an office job were band tee's and mohawk everyday they love it. I think it depends on how you where it ur attitude and how awesome you are at work!!!!!!
Start selling drugs?
THAT makes more money then minimum wage, im serious, sellling pot makes more then 8$ an hour at a bullshit retail store, i can tell u that
sure, but blaming the resection on obama isn't the smartest thing to do lol.

anyways, as for jobs, fast food places as long as your hair isen't colored. its shitty but money is money, and usually there good with shifts(working at mcdonalds now, i hate it but hey money is money)

look downtown in smaller shops, im not sure where you live but in Toronto there's 100's of small shops that cater to metalheads,punks,goths and so on that LOOK for people with Mohawks, colored hair and percings. i have no real experience though so i cant comment fully on places like that.

music stores, around here iv seen enough people with face tattoo's working in HMV,(big name music store here) yet alone guys and girls working in record shops around town.

just keep applying, i would suggest against wearing it up well applying though, my manager HATES my hair up(when she sees me outside of work) but actually likes it down on me.
Unless you live in a state with medicinal :p


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