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Ok, so I need a job. My mohawk isn't really that long, but any length more than about an inch is considered "crazy" where I live. As many of you have guessed, I'm having a hard time finding a job, especially ones where I must be in front of people such as cashier or even shelf stocker (not even Wal-Mart would take me.) So where are some places that a guy like me can get a job? PS: NOT WORKING AT HOT TOPIC.

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thought about it. decided to march in and rip the now hiring sign in half and leave. went well.
haha nice
fuck yea

find places that include hats in the uniform. 


try cutting it off, work there a few weeks/months and then see if they will let you cut your hair into a hawk. 


sometimes people just need to see that you're a hard worker... once they can see that you are reliable, they might even bend the rules for you. 

well, I"m currently a maid, I"m not allowed to wear my hair up at work, but I'm workin on being a tattoo artist and I"m sure they would be totally fine with a mohawk.... But If I wear you I would wear like a beanie, or a hat or something when I apply for a job and when I go to work I would wear it too. and If u feel like your being " rude" just gotta look for places ( tatto parlors, pubs, music stores, ect.) that are happy to have mohawks :)

im lucky that i have a sikk job at a military surplus store and they are fine with us wearing our hawks up! (theres 3 of us in the store with hawks) i think its just finding local buisnesses where you can show the manager that it doesn't matter what you look like but that you got the skills... or just work in a a kitchen


i would love to have your job
lol it rocks! i get to sell knives and swords all day with my hawk up, tatts showin, and peircing in. I work my ass off to keep it that way tho.

I work as a Critical Care, and SWAT paramedic and am a volunteer firefighter. I got the job, worked for a few months then quietly cut my hair back into a hawk. i just wear a hat at work, and retainers in my piercings. half of my bosses dont care, the other half give me shit, but im fully within county policy (its vague with a HUGE loophole) and they know there is nothign they can do. but i dont kid myself, as long as im doing well with my job they will leave me alone, but the second i screw up, they will crucify me over my mods.


funny thing is the amount of people getting facial piercings at work has SKYROCKETED since i got there. most people had always been interested in them, but seeing me pull it off, many people have began to become more visibily pierced and modified. both me and my EMT partner are sporting 0ga ears and have goals of 1/2''. a few other people are also stretching their ears as well. the way i figure it, the more people that have mods the harder it will be for them to simply re-write the policy.



long story short. cut it off, look as normal as possible, deal with it for a few months while you make your name at a job and get one back from there.

I just got the lamest job ever at a freaking department store, Macy's of all places! Obviously I can't wear it up but I was surprised they hired weird lil ol' me haha You just gotta have a good attitude and pleasant personality.

I work at a TGIFriday's. It might be different in California than in Florida, but I mainly work in the back of the house as a line cook, but occasionally I'll serve or host if they need me to. Which is kind of nice that I don't have to hide in the back the whole time. But as long as your hair is one color, my manager said i could shave my head bald and they couldn't anything. Though I'm also not sure if the same rules apply to guys. I think as long as it's off your ears it's ok. 


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