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So what's your opinion?

What do you think a juggalo is?

What do you think defines a punk?

I have my views but I wanna hear your guys' definitions to these two cultures and ways of life.

What's the difference?

Which one do you represent?

Are there different types of these subcultures?

Do you hate the other one? Why?


Share a little intellectual thought on this :P

Gotta love Urban Dictionary's definitions of things:

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I almost pissed my gray plaid cargo shorts lol after reading the urban dictionary juggalo def,,I guess I see it like this you are who you are,,juggalo's don't know they are juggalo's thats only what other people think of them,,or maybe I'm misinformed and juggalo's know what they are and if thats the case be the best juggalo you can be,,cheers bottoms up

the urban dictoionary def of a juggalo isobviously written by a damn hater bitch

Every group has its stereotype, Punks and Juggalos are both often misunderstood but theres always those fucktards in the group that make the stereotype seem true. But I would rather be part of something hated then be copied by everyone, I get along with punks and happen to be a juggalo, but I also know how to be respectful and dont expect everyone to like the same things I like and dont judge solely on that which makes it much easier to get along with many different social groups. I have met punks that annoy me and have met juggalos that I want to smack upside the head for making the rest of us look bad, its more so about the individuals you meet then how the world looks at the group. *shrugs* but thats just my opinion on it I guess
I fuck with juggalo shit and punk shit..Um it's not that I respect people I just DONT BOTHER PEOPLE i LET EM LIVE BUT OTHER THAn that I dont hesitate to punch some1 in the face or spit on some1 that disrespects me orr my culture...

MCL vampy

Its not ;like that people just love the music and show it by wearing what there artist wear etc...some people just like the lifestyle..Doesn't mean they are looking for attention...Like me I wear colors and eye liner and do crazy shit to myself because I like to look at myself in the mirror but some people are like that I guess...But even if soo whats wrong if some1 does want attention?


I didn't really think you meant it in a bad way i seen it as you just saying how you feel and me saying how i feel about em both
They dare ask the question that has wrought darkness unto man since the dawn of time. Magnets. How do they work?

Magic ALL up in this bitch.

dude nobody cares haha actually i dont know


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