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Ok, so I've gotten a letter in the mail saying I have to do Jury Duty soon.. Anyone done that before? What would be appropriate to wear? Hawk up or down?

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I actually have to go to court, ugh. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my hair.
either way it's going to suck
wear it up, theres nothing they can do about it, it's not like you asked to be there
steves right...wear it up...if they dont like it  FUCK EM
Wear it up! If they dont like it they can send you home from jury duty, you cant get in trouble for it!
Good idea bro!!! :D I concur!
Dress like you put up your hawk and walk in and sit down they will send you home real fast :)
Last spring I had jury duty.  I gave my sides a fresh shave, threw up the hawk, met their other dress codes, and went off to the court house for the day.  Needless to say, I wasn't picked for jury duty.

heheh did you get the feeling there was a bias?


Well I hope i'm not picked - although if it was a murder case or something that could be interesting...

The pay for jury duty is like $38 per day. My employer doesn't supplement the pay because i'm on a casual rate.

fuckn rite bro....fuck em hard  if they dont like how we look or live let em eat our shit
If you don't want to get picked, put it up and then follow all the other rules. If you do, wear it down and wear a hat. over it. Pisses me off they would judge based on that.


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