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So I got my hawk done. I just have a few questions, I have noticed quite a few hairs have been falling out. Not like clumps, but just 4-6 at a time. It only happens every once in a while, and it's never happened to me me before? Also, my hair has been getting pretty hair and sometimes stick together, is that because I'm not doing my fan good enough or I'm using too much hairspray? I saw a topic about people with Mohawk that aren't "Punk", before I got mine the only clothes I had were Hollister/Abercrombie/Aeropostale. So I just felt too normal, so I got a Mohawk, but I don't know if I should start getting new clothes. I usually where a lot of plaid cargo shorts, should I stick to pants?

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Doesn't matter what you wear as long as you like it. You shouldn't let others tell you what to wear, If you like your mohawk and your comfortable with it then have it and wear it. Clothes is just cloth put in different ways.
As for the problem id say use more hairspray there can never be to much in my opinion. When hairs get out of place i just spray the spot and put the hairs into place and blow dry them in place.
i guess read that. you normally lose hairs through the day, but with it being hairsprayed, they fall out, but are "glued" in until you wash it generally, so that could be part of the hair loss issue you for the other question about clothes, fuck that shit man! do what you want. dont try to please a bunch of people you dont even know.
As Cpt. Oblivious and I said in another thread, the average person loses 200-300 hairs each day. Washing your hair out will make em fall out all at once, since theyve been glued to your head all day
it will really make all your hair fall out? lol thats fuckin trippy steve
Nah, its doesnt make your hair fall out, it sticks hairs that naturally fell out to your head so when you wash your 'hawk it appears to be falling out
I like to tell people i'm going bald makes it funner.
D :
dude just be yourself, fuck what anyone else thinks (that's the core of punk anyway). Besides, the general consensus on that discussion was that the mohawk is just a hairstyle anyway it doesn't define you one way or another. So do whatever you want!!! don't feel like you have to change yourself or your clothes or anything just because of what someone else thinks about what you should or shouldn't do, esp. to be "punk"
Hey, don't listen to us. Wear whatever you're comfortable in. The mohawk is just a hair style, we don't own it, everybody can make it. So just wear what you like.
Like people have already said, I wouldn't worry about a couple of hairs falling out, its totally normal. As for having to change what you wear because you have a mohawk ... fook that, wear whatever you want ! ;o)


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