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So I've heard that people actually keep the same mohawk up for like 3-5 days at a time before redoing it.....How the hell?? I take a shower daily and don't understand the concept of keeping it up in the shower, unless they plan on putting a plastic bag over their hair. (I actually tried this part) So just reply on how you keep your hair up so long...

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it is trust :)

me and my gf both have mohawks

it is badass.... but it causes major case of "just f*ck*d" hair.

it is, my spikes get all floppy and some lay over lol


That's the worst... When the back of your fan decides to flop over and look like a total tard. So worth it though...
oh yes... tis worth it lol
You guys are just using the wrong product... I can get up after gnarly, throw each other around the room, UFC style punk sex and my hair STILL kicks ass!
I didn't know that, it's a good thing I have a lot of deodorant and cologne!
That honestly doesn't sound true at all..
I don't shower often but I'm still not buying it honestly lol. Where did you hear this?
Forive me for being skeptical of things I read on the Internet.. It's not often a place where much truth is spread. I am aware water often dries out your skin, that's what lotion is for, it was your original bacteria comment that seems slightly far fetched.. I know of beneficial bacteria in food or supplements that is healthy, such as acidophilus but I have never heard of beneificial bacteria for the outside of your body/skin.
agreed. who gives a fuck, and theres allways the intermittent "whore bath"....


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