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So I've heard that people actually keep the same mohawk up for like 3-5 days at a time before redoing it.....How the hell?? I take a shower daily and don't understand the concept of keeping it up in the shower, unless they plan on putting a plastic bag over their hair. (I actually tried this part) So just reply on how you keep your hair up so long...

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it is badass.... but it causes major case of "just f*ck*d" hair.

it is, my spikes get all floppy and some lay over lol


That's the worst... When the back of your fan decides to flop over and look like a total tard. So worth it though...
oh yes... tis worth it lol
You guys are just using the wrong product... I can get up after gnarly, throw each other around the room, UFC style punk sex and my hair STILL kicks ass!
That honestly doesn't sound true at all..
I don't shower often but I'm still not buying it honestly lol. Where did you hear this?
Forive me for being skeptical of things I read on the Internet.. It's not often a place where much truth is spread. I am aware water often dries out your skin, that's what lotion is for, it was your original bacteria comment that seems slightly far fetched.. I know of beneficial bacteria in food or supplements that is healthy, such as acidophilus but I have never heard of beneificial bacteria for the outside of your body/skin.
agreed. who gives a fuck, and theres allways the intermittent "whore bath"....
shower but keep your hair outta the water. then u just touch up ur hawk same as putting it up. pull, spray, blow dry. done

elmers glue, or knox gelatin.


and knox, you can get that with food stamps. forgot to mention that.



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