Mohawks Rock

that there is all this talk about chicks with mohawks

what about the guys they desirve some credit too

guys with hawks r FUCKING HOT


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Agreed, mohawks enhance your facial features in soo many ways IMO, and it looks hella badass!!
I can't help it, when I see a guy with a mohawk I get a little turned on, alright I said it! xD
Mohawks = Pure sex!
WOW, much appreciated. (Even though you aren't directly talking about me) That just proves my mom wrong about no girl wanting to date me cause of my 'hawk. (Her best attempt at me cutting my mohawk, she says the same thing about my tattooes). But I would agree with Antikia, Mohawks do enhance facial features, I found a girls eyes, and smile really stand out more. Also just the general confidence people with mohawks tend to exude is attractive as well.
Haha, you /should/ take that as a compliment, and I don't think your mom could be more wrong than that, even though mohawks can suit girls too they're a very masculin thing (atleast that's what most people think) and it shows off your jaw more and everything, so it should attract girls. And well, animals confirm how awesome this is to attract chicks, just look at a cock and his mighty hawk, being all: 'Oh look at me, look how hot I am' :D

Sorry, got a bit carried away there, but just like you said, it shows confidence as well, like tattooes do, so judging by that you should be surrounded by girls right now!
Lol yes I am totally beating girls off with a stick...(god I'm so lonely)... I mean...J/K. No I just hang out with a different kind of crowd here. And most of the girls I run into like the Abercrombie guy over the Ghetto Fabulous Punker (thats me). Also the reason my mom says that is because we're Filipino, and mohawks and tattoos aren't that common in the Philippines.
hey i'm filipino too and irish my irish side loved my hawk and the fact that i'm about to get it back again but the filipino side hates it and is making me wait till afeter my uncles wedding
On behalf of the uys on this site, thank you.
ur welcome :)
ooooh i totally agree.
my friends make fun of me because i find any guy with a mohawk attractive.
its true!!
yeah, my girlfriend likes it a lot except when I put my head on her shoulder and I stab her by accident that isn't so great
Yeah that's one problem. I love guys with mohawks, they're sexy as shit(yes, fecal matter is hot), that's how me and my boyfriend became friends. During my freshman year I noticed it because it was this big ass red mohawk. And we became close friends.. and now.. we go out haha. 4 years later..

But.. that's the only problem with mohawks. I can't lean my head on his shoulder, and when we try to fall asleep I always jab him.
haha or if your standing real close to people and you turn your head and jab people with your mohawk
yep, but she likes my orange hair whether its spiky or not


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