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Hey can you guys recommend me some good female fronted bands? I'm getting tired of hearing man voices.

Just name off anything you can think of, doesn't have to be punk either.


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Of course Boogle! 

P!NK.....I am going to her concert this October. Should be awesome!:-)

RHIANNA.....missed her concert last year, but I hear she is touring again.

KARMIN.....has some good tunes.

So three days before her concert, they announce that P!NK has to reschedule as her vocal cords need it's January 14th 2014....oh well, I can Hopefully there isn't a raging blizzard that day and 40 below. Can't wait to go with my Hawk up and my Septum Ring down!! :-)

The devotchkas


Umm Idk if you would like them I do lol but "In This Moment" rocks pretty good XD can't really think of any right now but if you get a chance check em out. The Gun Show and Whore are my two favorite tracks of theirs but I don't download or buy much music so basically that's just what I've heard on the radio lol

Here is the list I first tried to post but my computer sucks so it didn't go through.

1. Vice Squad

2. Beyond Pink

3. Arch Enemy (if you like metal)

4. Otep (Again. If you like metal)

5. Tsunami Bomb

6. Bikini Kill

7. A.P.P.L.E.

8. The Applicators

9. Back Ally Barbers (Psychobilly. Think Nekromantix with female vocals.)

10. Deadline

11. Cherri Bomb

12. Combat 77

13. The Abuse

14. Discount (I love this band. They do a good version of "It's the End of the World" by REM)

15. Körsbärsfettera

16. D.I.R.T. (male and female vox)

17. The Friggs

18. HorrorPops

19. Lunachicks

20. Red Aunts

21. Sleigh Bells

22. So Unloved

23. Thug Murder (Only put out one album but it's a good one)

24. Texas Terri Bomb (or just look for Texis Terri)

25. Unkind Revolt (The only thing I can ever find of them is their demo)

26. Mizma

27. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

28. X (female and male vox)

29 I.C.U.

30. The Expelled


Letters to Cleo

No Doubt

The Veronicas

(all the same genre, and love them haha)

totally forgot about garbage! I need to find more of their music. 

I forgot they were still making music. They released a new album not too long ago.

The Distillers

Betty Blowtorched

Jack Off Jill

Sourpuss (same frontwoman as the distillers)



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