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Liberty Spikes (not a liberty spike mohawk, but all over liberty spikes)

I cut my hawk off about a month ago (got too narrow from takin out chunks when shaving the sides) and am currently growing my hair out. I aspire to one day do liberty spikes (and eventually a mohawk... again) but have real bad sleep problems, so I cant sleep with em up. That could be a blessing in disguise because if I did liberty spikes I just wouldnt sleep at all.


Anyway I'm rambling. How long does it take to do all over liberty spikes? I did my friends hair in em before and it took about an hour, but I was taking my sweet ol' time with em and could probably do better on my own head. 


Also, we need a sister-site called "NoHawksRock" or "NotHavingAmohawkIsProblematicBecauseIcan'"

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haha it depends how long your hair is bro. shouldnt take much more time than putting a hawk up once you have the method figured.

that last one, hilarious


I did mine in a half hour, I have thick hair and cause I was perfecting it. I did my friends in about 15 minutes.

Thats awesome, exactly what I wanted to hear! I guess I'm not really doing "liberty spikes," "liberty nails" is a better description (like this guy)

HAHAHA this is a hilarious clip.  with a sweet hawk in it to boot!




Just so everyone knows, I'm talking about the guy sittin' in the back seat, not the tri-hawk kickin in the front seat

bahahaha :P

 its going to take awhile the first few tries, but once you get some practice in you should be able to get it done pretty quick. 


I had a friend who used murray's beezwax and would fall asleep with his spikes in and then just fix the ones that fell down in the morning. 

Used to take me half an hour. But i'd brush them out before i went bed else your bed gets all dirty from the hairspray. Unless you wanna sleep on your face or sitting up you will have to take them out.
I must say, I am jealous. How long does it usually take?


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