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I never really post here but I am in dire need of help. I believe my hair got thinner from when I first got it, I really messed up the back with too tight ponytails so it is alot thinner than the front.. so which type of mohawk does less damage?


Thank you.


Happy Holidays everyone too.

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To answer your question; fan, because it takes less drying.

the only damage done to your hair would be the heat from the hair dryer, and thats not allot unless you do it every day and really close to your hair. You can undo the damage by putting olive oil in your hair for 20 minutes every week. Also, use a fuller can of spray, hair can appear thinner when the cans running on empty (got2b runs out of air before spray, so your not getting as even of a coating)

What makes you think its thinner?

Thank you for the rather quick response. I put my hair up everyday, and put it down every night. I heard I need to do this to provide care for my hair, but I am probably not doing it right. There are more and more gaps in the back of my hair and slightly on top than there use to be. I heard alot on olive oil too.

heres what I do to get gaps out;
-use rave on one side, holding you hair up with a comb. Don't saturate it, just enough for it to stand.
-graze the other side to comb hair into the gap and spray rave again.
-repeat on rest of hair.
-use got2b freeze spray (saturate it this time if you see fit) to get your hair standing strong once you got it how you like it.

My hair is only 1 inch wide (8 inches tall) and naturally thin and I manage to get it gap-less (see pic) every time, and it only takes me about 10 minutes to do

That sounds exactly what I do to put mine up.

Thank you for posting, any more information on olive oil?

make sure its Rave 4: mega hold, it makes all the difference, I've used that system for 6 years and it hasnt failed me!


put the oilve oil in a dish and heat it up for 5 seconds (not too hot, scolding hot oil on your skull is no fun) then apply to dry hair like you would shampoo.

also, garnier leave in conditioner, cheap and it... well, conditions.

Mane And Tail shampoo/ conditioner makes your hair grow faster (it really does, I know from experience) if worst comes to worst :(

Thank you again!

I am looking into Mane and Tail, I am hearing it thickens hair.

it appears to be thicker because it adds a thin coat of wax (not that your hair would feel waxy, its all macroscopic, which adds up over 250,000 hairs)

I use it because its cheap and you get allot of it

Steve, you truly are a fountain of knowledge and I think I love you. I've written most of those posts down for my next shopping trip :D

liberty spikes... if you want your hair to be fuller you should get this hair grease name doo gro mega thick anti thinning.... it really makes your hair full. 

where can you get this Doo Gro stuff? Wal-Mart? WalGreen



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