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I never really post here but I am in dire need of help. I believe my hair got thinner from when I first got it, I really messed up the back with too tight ponytails so it is alot thinner than the front.. so which type of mohawk does less damage?


Thank you.


Happy Holidays everyone too.

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Liberties do less.

I am looking into Mane and Tail. Thank you Steve, as well as all who have contributed.



I bleached my roots about 5 days ago, and just measured how much of my hair has grown out.

Using Mane And Tail, its already grown an 8th of an inch in 5 days, which means it should grow around 1 to 1 1/2 inches per month (average hair grows 1/2 inch per month)

Now, has it made it thicker?

It looks like it, my hair hasn't been up for 3 days (due to sleeping problems (just got some new melatonin pills today)) so I cant make an accurate judgement, but I'd say its at least %10 thicker, which after 5 days is pretty good

how thin is your hair when its up? is it transparent at the bottom, or just the top? Does it blow over in a gentle breeze?

My hair is like yours in the front, but slowly fades as it goes down. In certain light, it has no spaces, but with a flourescent light and a white background the entire back has spaces. The spaces are not at the bottom, more near the upper section. No, it does not blow over in gentle, or powerful breeze.

then a combo of mane and tail shampoo/ conditioner and garnier leave in SHOULD help, I use to have the same problem.


I want your seed.


GARNIER. Get high. Drink beer. SMOKE something!!

the hops in beer DOES actually help hair growth, but by pouring it on your head, which seems like a waste of beer when commercial treatments are only like $2.

I've also heard that smoking weed helps hair grow faster, but the person I heard that from was probably blazed for years and thought its only been a couple days


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