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i just got my first mohawk and oh my god is so lovely!!!! i thought was ging to be a big rejection but i couldnt care less, unstead evrybody keep saying how hot it is.... now i would like to know what kind of makeup goes good with mohawk.. is tehre any page about it? all the pictures look grate, i can see the eyes is the main thing!!! so any tips?

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makeup is all about your personal features and preferences! any makeup will go great with your hawk its all about what you like and what parts of your face you want to stand out.

makeup, like hair, is one of those things you just have to play with until you can find what colors, styles, and techniques work for you. have fun!
gee thanks, i just took a look at your photo and i have the same style, the french and the sideburns... thanks for replying, mine is black and im not into coloring yet, maybe soon, i just want it to look more femenine, but not as in girly but as in sexy... im on it! thanks again
heavey eyeliner and bright eyeshadow pops..
yeah!!! i bet you look hot in it!!
If your mohawk is black you can play around with all kinds of colours depending on what you're wearing that day. Always a bit of eyeliner and then try different colours see which one suits you the most :) green eyeshadow usually suits most people :)

well ... I'm doing my make-up like a bimbo really ... I'm trying to make my eyes both small and big, a little black and different colors, roughe as well, little too mutch so people don't goes on "oh, she's wearing too mutch make-up, it looks fake" :P hehe it's ment to be! try different things out, everyone is different. I can't wear special make-up like on this picture


(The picrute above the other)

My eyes are a little bit strange,I have skin tags that goes from the inside of the eye over an inch across the eye. It's the same on the both eyes. I wanna do an operation do take it away, but swedish doctors are retards. I was throwing up blood for not so long time ago, only because I drank too mutch, and they didn't do anything at al. I've been breaking seven ribs this YEAR, one at a time and they doesn't even give me painkillers!


well, anyway, try different things and go your own way :) Good luck!

i love makeup, and i have found no matter which way i do it looks good with my hair. i sometimes do a simple pinup look and it looks great. sometimes i do really bright colors, like acid/ neon green, and pinks. which also look really good. my hair is black though so i don't have to worry about the colors clashing with the colors in my hair. but as long as the makeup makes you look good, and you like it, it doesn't matter how you have your hair cut it is still gonna look good.
@dani: how do you do pin up styles with a hawk? I'm really into the whole pin up/rockabilly style

for makeup i just do the neutral eyeshadows, black cat eye, and red lips, and for hair i will do victory rolls(they are small b/c of the hawk), a pomp, a big barrel roll at the front going back away from my forhead, or a faux betty bang using the barrel roll only rolling it towards my forhead.

I think a crazy hairstyle gives you license to do some crazy shit with your makeup! but its all up to you obviously, whatever makes you feel like YOU :)

This girl at my school had a mohawk for awhile - she usually wore black liquid liner on her top lid that winged out, along with foundation. I also know girls with spikes who wear a lot of eyeliner or eyeshadow - or both. Personally I use black eyeliner and wing it out or use a subtle shadow that matches my face. I also like gold/metallic liners. Its about your personal preference. 


The benefit of having a mohawk is that you can afford to be a bit theatrical or you can be natural. 

Hey girls Im a part of a local movie making project for young women and one of the things is going to be a anti- fashion fashion show.

I´m going to have my mohawk up for sure but in makeup I´m kinda lost I want to make a supergirl makeup but I dont know how.. anyone knows how to do it? and have some good pictures? Sorry for borrowing your thread Lola =)


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