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alrighty boyfriends hair.... white black split... it's blonde and he's flippin out... ? haha so help now now now hahaha he wants it white! and i keep getting in a fight about it with his mom i know if we keep bleaching it it will turn white but she wants "white" hair dye what do you guys think?

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I would just leave it as it is but if he really wants it white then i guess keep going

All bleaching will do is make your hair fall out eventually, it won't get any whiter, so look for a type of toner (

guide to making hair white:

strong bleaching and Purple toner will do the trick...
haha found that out it still looks good though it's like billy idol white haha it rocks hahaha


Rye told me, "while bleaching apply heat from hair dryer makes it more white than yellow, then post bleach dyed it twice.....though looking back the red looked sick but after a week it bled and i rocked a pink mohawk for a bit.....nothing wrong with that but for the amount of time wasted making it white...lame


Personally, I like it they way he has it now.


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