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I am going to try and make my first vest. Does anyone here have any tips on how to make one. Oh, and about patches... where can I buy some and any cool ideas on making them? I am going to put on a picture of a vest that i got from a thrift store and maybe you guys can tell me if it would be good for a vest. the neck might be too low cut and it looks a little too cowboy for me. Anywhere i can buy another one? Keep in mind that I am skinny and width challenged.... so i don't want to look like im drowning in it.

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I went to the thrift store today lol and picked up a another jean jacket for like 4 bucks! I'm not done with mine yet but ima start on this one tomorrow :P
Can you show me a picture of what one would look like before its cut and everything?
Yea sure. I'll take a picture for you later. Your lucky I just read this and havn't started on it :P

for once being lazy comes in handy :P
Go procrastination! Lol.
sorry i didn't get a chance to take pictures yesterday. i will probably tomorrow cause it is my day off. I might take a picture of the pants i painted if your lucky :P
Lol apparently I have to make another trip to the thrift store for a friend. She looked at my dickies jacket today and was like I WANT A VEST. I'm like ok give me the money and I'll make you one :D. First I have to finish my own vests but adding a third will just make it a rounded number :P
Lol sweet! try to add some photos! I have not had time to get a jacket. Too loaded down with homework

I'll take some pictures tomorrow of what I've done to it
Thrift store jackets are the best!
Heres mine when I first got it.I threw bleach all over it and some patches before I threw on studs
I concur.
Or closet shopping.
Both of my vest came from my moms "spare" closet. xD
i dont get it man, so if everyone said the first one was badass youd keep it, but now ur gonna get a new one?


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