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Hey all, i've been rocking a hawk for about  2-3 months now! 

Currently my hair goes down a little bit past my lips so its getting there, height wise ;)

Now my problem is that wheneveri put it up i get lots of gaps, and the neck looks horrible imo, and i cant really get the mohawk straight, i would kindly accept any tips on how to make a hawk without gaps and such! I'm also having problems with the "crown" area of the hawk. :/

Thanks all, i'll psot a pic of my hawk so you can see what i mean :D

My hawk!

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To put it up:
1] Using a comb to hold hair up, spray Rave (theres a spray called Rave, just to make sure something doesn't get lost in translation here) on one side (lets say the right).
2] Move onto next section with comb, spray on same side as in [1] (the right)
make sure to put the sections where the hair wants to be, not where you want it to be. By this point there should be a gap about 3 inches wide between sections [1] and [2]
3] Since you sprayed the Rave on the same side in the first 2 steps, graze your hair with the comb and the non sprayed side (don't stab it through, that'll just make lots of little gaps) into the gap from both sides, and spray (on the left, this time).
Repeat down head.
4] When you get your hair how you like it, (still use a comb to hold your hair in place so the dryer doesnt blow it around) go over it with got2b freeze spray.
The reason this works is because Rave is more watered-down then got2b, so when you spray it, it's only good enough to coat one side, leaving the other soft enough for a comb. It also adds thickness (why, I can't explain) so the hair at the top of your hawk isn't transparent.

Thanks man, i need to try this later tonight!

The thing is, i dont know where i can buy this spray called"Rave" so i will have to go with glued all the way  i guess, but thats good to know that there should be a few gaps which i will patch up later, again, thanks! :D 

Not sure if you have the same stores in europe, but Wal-Mart/K-Mart/Target all carry Rave. 

Another thing to try is Garnier Body Boost shampoo/conditioner, although it might not be completely necessarily

yeah, i've never seen it around here, so what you're saying is that i should only do one side first, then patch up the spaces in the hawk with the hair from the "unsprayed" side, or did i get it wrong?

Pretty much that, very similar to the way this guy does it

Cool man, thanks a ton, the goal is to someday make it have no gaps whatsoever. :D

The first fan i did using that technique, thanks alot Steve, i think it turned out good!

Came out really good! Try using a teasing comb to put it up, those combs are finer and smaller, they can help achieve a more circular shape easier

Cool, i'll make sure to try it!

By reading the comments i can see you did a realllyyy nice fan!

I dont have a mohawk anymore, but when i did i made a tutorial on how to do it. This is when i had it as a fan. Check it out, theres no gaps and stuff and if anything just skip straight to the end of the video to see what it looks like, and if you wanna see how i get rid of the gaps you can just skip around and stuff (: hope i helped in some way.

I used g2b glue and hairspray!

Oh dude, we actually talked over YouTube a few months ago before i was getting my hawk!

Perhaps you remember "Mxgotland" on YouTube? :P 


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