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Dunno what i should do. I always think my neck looks horrible and i dont know how to get it to look better without getting help from someone. Any tips? I'll include a picture of the hawk i had yesterday.

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dude why not get some neck ink.  few years back i got a tribal around neck  then added spidar on 1 side an scopian on other side of it works bman...should consider neck ink

Was talking about the back of the mohawk, haha

it takes practice honestly. i never had the back looking perfect when i first got it. try many different things 

yeah that's true, I just dont know what to try.

the bottom at the back is the parts id usually grab the tips and do small amount of hairspray at first then work from there. then those days it was being difficult id use a soft brush i guess you could call it to comb over it and help straighten it out. but only if you havent put tons of hairspray on it yet. only thing i noticed is if you have thin hair and a thin mohawk is that the back is difficult also to make it look full. 

I think it looks great!  You did it yourself?!  Nice!  It is always a problem area - unless it is real short or you have help.  I used to rat mine and then smooth out but about popped my eyes out trying to use a mirror.  I suppose the cut in that "neck" transition makes a difference too.

Yeah, i do the entire hawk by myself, and thanks btw! :D

Yeah i wonder how Jake from The Casualties gets his so straight and epic, it dosent seem like he gets help, but you know, he's had one for like.. over 20 years? lol. Takes practise i guess :) 

I use Got2b glued, my hawk also stays up for days, i was just wondering how to make the hair in the neck straight pretty much and not all curled, i just cant fix that somehow.


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