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Man was left to die from swine flu after 'medics assumed he was a junkie'


This is so fucking sad!  A man was discriminated based on his hairstyle and died because of it. Read more below....

The distraught mother of a rock musician who died from swine flu, today said medics repeatedly ignored his pleas for help due to his punk hairstyle.
Peter Williamson, 27, who sported a mohican, was refused the high priority Tamiflu vaccine and denied treatment four times over the course of a week.
One nurse sent him home saying: 'Do you realise we do have sick people in this hospital?'
An ambulanceman called to his home asked his mother if Peter had taken drugs - then said he didn't need to go to hospital.
Peter's condition deteriorated and he was left so weak that he had to use a mobility scooter to go food shopping with his mother.
He was found dead by his mother at his flat in Walkden, Greater Manchester - only a week after his request plea for help.
Tests confirmed he had bronchopneumonia and the swine flu Influenza A virus H1N1.
An inquest coroner recorded a verdict of death by natural causes although a pathologist said the death could have been avoided if Peter had early treatment.
Today as lawyers for the family prepared to sue health bosses for negligence, Peter's mother Susan, 51, said: 'We did everything possible to get Peter help, but we think because of the way he looked they just wouldn't listen to us.
'Presumably because he had a punk hairstyle and facial piercings they dismissed him as a junkie. But nothing could be further from the truth. My Peter never touched drugs and lived a healthy lifestyle.
'He loved punk music, it was his life but having a spikey haircut doesn't make you a drug abuser. I will always hold the doctors and nurses responsible for Peter's death.
'It's just the disgusting way they treated my son. I think the attitude of the hospital staff is appalling, they just looked at Peter and just judged him for the way he looked.'
The tragedy occurred in November 2009 when Peter who promoted bands in Manchester came down with a high temperature, loss of appetite and feeling weak.

Mrs Williamson said: 'We immediately thought it was swine flu, so we called the NHS Direct help line but they refused to give him Tamiflu, even though he should have had it anyway. They just said he needed further assessment by a doctor.'
The next day when Peter's condition worsened they decided to go to Hope Hospital A&E department in Salford. They were kept waiting for 90 minutes before Peter was found a room.
'Peter was so weak he struggled to get out of the car,' added Susan.
'Other patients were being given rooms for treatment but not my son.
'In the end I went and got a nurse because he was finding it hard to breathe but when she saw he could talk she just said he obviously can breathe. I was so shocked.
'She examined him but said it was just a virus and to go home, but before we left she turned around to him and said "do you realise we do have sick people in this hospital?", as if we had completely wasted her time. I was absolutely horrified.
'As we walked out Peter shouted at them saying, "It's swine flu, I told you my friend has had it, I'll be dead within a week". He then turned round to me and said "when I'm dead, sue the a**es off of them".'

Peter's condition deteriorated and he was left so weak that he had to use a mobility scooter to go food shopping with his mother.
Two days later Susan went round to visit Peter as she was concerned about him: 'He was clearly getting worse so I phoned for an ambulance.
'When they arrived they just looked at him and asked him what drugs had he taken, and said he shouldn't be frightened in telling them just because his mum was there.
'We finally convinced them he hadn't taken drugs and they properly examined him and again said he didn't need to go to the hospital.
'He phoned us on Thursday evening crying and said he had never felt so ill in all his life and that he was hallucinating, probably because his temperature was so high.
'He was too frightened to go to sleep because he was scared he wouldn't wake up again.'
The next day Peter put himself in to a taxi and went alone to a walk-in health centre in Manchester city centre but was turned away again and rang his mother.
'It was the last time I spoke to him, he just sounded so weak and tired,' Susan said.
'I had arranged for TV engineers to go round and fix something at his house but they called me when they got no answer.
'I thought he was just in bed so I went round, the lights were all on in his flat and I just pulled the handle and the door opened, and there he was.
'At the inquest the pathologist confirmed that it was swine flu and that he could have probably survived had he proper received treatment in time. It's just unbelievable he was neglected in this way.'

Mark Slater, partner at Manchester law firm Price and Slater, who is representing the Williamson family said: 'In all my years as a medical negligence lawyer Peter's case has to be one of the most tragic because it should have easily have been prevented.
'I was so surprised in Peter's case to hear that at a time when Tamiflu was more widely available than vitamin C pills that here was a family who was telling me that they tried four times and just couldn't get it.
'Not long after he died it was reported that the vaccine had been over-used yet here was Peter unable to get the help he needed.
'A young life has been wasted because staff did not consider the possibility he had swine flu. We are still investigating whether or not the missed diagnosis was the result of negligent care or a tragic sequence of unavoidable errors.'
A spokesman for Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, said: 'We are sorry to learn that the family have concerns.
'We urge them to contact the Trust directly to enable us to investigate the matter fully. Salford Royal is an NHS provider of healthcare for all and we would never discriminate against any patient.'

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fucking bullshit
This is fucked. fuck the system. They expect everyone to look the same to the point of not doing there job.  They should all lose there jobs.
your the devils advocate lol
i had it they did the same thing cuse i live in an area with loads junkies they keeped me waiting in the end my dad go so pissed off he bough a lawyer m8 he knew to say that if they dint look hed sue em for malpractice and what the fuck dyou know i had it and got tamil flue just in time
just read this on facebook. i was absolutely disgusted. discrimination at its finest.

fuck discrimination.


this is crap those fucking basterds!

is this story real or just made up to enrage people,thats fucking insane why would they turn him away like that you would think some shit like this only happens in some fucked up 3rd world country but nope.I just have never heard of someone turned away with what appears to be swine flu without first making sure that its not swine flu but whats really disturbing is that he told them his friend had it,,smdh and they still closed the door on him
From what I've heard from friends the uk judges people VERY harshly on appearance. It's really a shame :/ sad sad story..
yer we get treated like scum literally the general public unless they are tourist dont want to be anywhere near us for the most part

Thats pretty wild.

I'm a fuckin junkie! And I eat pickled pig's skin like candy. :S weet, meat, candy...


I wonder when people will open their eyes and realize that unusual expressions of individuality don't make you... well basically worthless in this world... BUT WAIT WAIT! it's okay to do things like this if you're FAMOUS!... just not when your an "average joe". Nothing wrong with experimenting with personal style and not being afraid to show it, famous or not. WTF man... I wonder what places in this world do not judge you on looks like this. Besides his hair, I can't imagine he was anything other than a genuine human being just looking for a genuine vaccine. I don't do drugs, smoke or drink either, and I only eat USDA certified Organic food and drink thoroughly filtered water; looking to eventually just grow my own food to ensure the purity of the food I eat, and you'd never guess I'm like that when you see me wearing 8 facial piercings and a 14 inch mohawk in liberty spikes... just goes to show my point.


I feel so bad for this guy. Thanks for sharing this story.


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